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Duke Ellington, King of Jazz - WSJ

Ellington transformed feelings into music—and his songs sound as fresh today as they did in his time

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Duke Ellington on a European tour, 1963. His work has a near-pictorial quality.

The latest musical to hit Broadway is also the oldest musical in town. "After Midnight," the Duke Ellington revue that debuts this month, is a homage to the spectacular stage shows at the Cotton Club, the swanky Jazz Age nightspot whose shady owners billed it as "The Aristocrat of Harlem." Some of the Ellington-penned numbers in "After Midnight," like "Black and Tan Fantasy" and "Creole Love Call," are now close to nine decades old—yet they're as arrestingly fresh and original-sounding today as they were in the Roaring Twenties.
Duke Ellington - YouTube 

Mike Nova comments: Duke Ellington's improvisational style in jazz is the same like free associations in thinking process: the free and unimpeded expression of live spirit. It is the non-verbal emotional psychoanalytic-psychotherapeutic curative session. That what I say. By the way, Freud did not like and was not able to appreciate music, any kind of music. His was the non-musical mind and soul. His thoughts and concepts, pseudoscientific but artistic, were his self-absorbing music for him. To remind ourselves again, he got the Goethe Prize for Literature (which is verbal music), not the Nobel Prize for Medicine, to which he aspired and which he desired so much: he was vain, too. (Too many "which-es; rhymes with witches.) Free associations is basically free thinking, just like jazz is free and unrestrained musical harmony. Enough said, just enjoy it (if you can). 

Published on Feb 4, 2013
Duke Ellington Orchstra
■Recorded at the olympia Theater, Paris , France , on Feb.1st,2nd and 23rd, 1963
1.Kinda Dukish, 2.Rockin' in Rhythm (01:51), 3.On the Sunny Side of the Street(05:39) , 4.Star-Crossed Lovers (08:42), 5.All of Me(12:53) , 6.Theme from "Asphalt Jungle"(15:29) , 7.Concerto for Cootie (19:35), 8.Tutti for Cootie(22:10), 9.Suite Thursday: MisfitBlues (26:57), 10.Suite Thursday: Schwiphti (30:36), 11.Suite Thursday: Zweet Zurzday (33:28), 12.Suite Thursday: Lay-By (37:21), 13.Perdido(43:49), 14.The Eighth Veil(49:10), 15.Rose Of The Rio Grande(51:46), 16.Cop Out(54:28), 17.Bula(1:01:25)

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