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Iran Would Eliminate Stock of Its Most Highly Enriched Uranium Under Deal - 11/22/2013 - By STEVEN ERLANGER

New York Times
WASHINGTON — In its delicate negotiationswith Iran over freezing its nuclear program, the Obama administration is gambling that the gradual relaxation of punishing sanctions will whet Tehran's appetite for greater economic relief, inducing the ...

the Diplomat
U.S.-Iran relations are no exception. Although Hassan Rouhani's election as Iran's president was undeniably important, there are larger forces pushing the U.S. and Iran toward a détente. Since the end of the Cold War there have been three distinct ...
New York Times
PARIS — Tensions between Saudi Arabia and the United States over Washington's approach to the Middle East were brewing for months before they burst into the open last week. First, there was the American inaction in Syria and lack of progress on ... (blog)
The sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the material recovered from Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, after the shootout at LAX appeared to have been prepared by a group called “New World Order.” One source said it also expressed animus toward ...
Boston Globe
The new details were revealed in indictments handed up by an Essex County grand jury. It charged freshman Philip D. Chism with not only first-degree murder, but also aggravated rape and armed robbery in the slaying, which has stunned the small town and ...

ABC News (blog)
An al Qaeda-linked terrorist, who was resettled in the U.S. as an Iraq War refugee after allegedly killing American soldiers, was caught on camera in Kentucky handling heavy weapons that the FBI said he believed would be sent to insurgents back in Iraq.

Daily Caller
One of the subcontractors working on the Obamacare website is currently under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Client Network Services Incorporated (CNSI) became a sub-contractor on the Obamacare website in 2012, working hand in ...

Raw Story
Mexico's Supreme Court overturned Wednesday a lower court decision to free drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero, whose sentence for the killing of a US agent was cut short in August. Caro Quintero, considered a forefather of Mexico's modern drug cartels, ...

Mexican Supreme Court overturns release for drug kingpin Caro Quintero

By Agence France-Presse
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 18:05 EST
Members of the Policia Federal Preventiva (PFP) escort narcotrafficker Rafael Caro Quintero (C) in Guadalajara, on Jan. 29, 2005. [AFP]
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Mexico’s Supreme Court overturned Wednesday a lower court decision to free drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero, whose sentence for the killing of a US agent was cut short in August.
Caro Quintero, considered a forefather of Mexico’s modern drug cartels, has vanished since walking out of prison on a legal technicality with 12 years left to run on his 40-year sentence.
The federal government, which was apparently caught off guard by the veteran drug trafficker’s release, had challenged the lower court decision, calling it an “absurd” ruling, and sought his re-arrest.

Dozens of mutilated bodies have been found in western Mexico where drug cartels are battling each other, it's been claimed. Officials said 33 corpses – showing signs of torture – had been found buried on the state border of Michoacan and Jalisco. The ...

Washington Times
Zambada's father is Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada, who survived decades of turf wars and rose to the top of Mexico's underworld through savvy deal-brokering. Ismael Zambada is considered the strategist ofMexico's Sinaloa cartel, more involved in daily ...

Washington Times
The House Judiciary Committee has begun looking at reports that Mexican drug cartelmembers are abusing the U.S. asylum system to bypass regular immigration checks and get into the country, where some are setting up smuggling operations and others ...

Al Jazeera America
There still is a third point on narcotraffic, but no one seems to doubt that this will be resolved. Opposition to the accord has already been verbalized loudly by former president Uribe. But public opinion is no longer on his side. Nor does it seem ...

New York Daily News
A Miss Italia beauty queen was busted as part of an alleged international cocaine traffickingring, police said. Samantha Scarlino, 32, was detained in a Milan hotel this week after being accused of delivering cash from Italy to drugcartel bosses in Peru.

Radio Australia
Facebook and Instagram have launched a crackdown on the trade of illegal drugsonline, with one US journalist calling the practice an "absurd" by-product of the social media age. Facebook and Instagram have launched a crackdown on the trade ofillegal ...

A worker in the Camcopter plant. The craft is finding buyers in sectors like oil and gas, utilities, mining, shipping and agriculture.
Akos Stiller for The New York Times

Europe at Ease With Eyes in the Sky

Despite general skittishness about electronic surveillance, European officials seem more open to civilian drones than regulators in the United States.

News One
Marvell Weaver, 17, of Lansing, Michigan, recently lost the so-called “Point 'em out, knock 'em out” game when he was shot twice by his intended victim and arrested, reports WILX. On Feb. 26th, Weaver was in a van with two friends looking for random ...

Washington Post
Americans increasingly believe that former federal contractor Edward Snowden's exposure of U.S. surveillance programs damaged national security, even as the programs have sparked widespread privacy concerns, a new Washington Post-ABC News poll ...
The Hill (blog)
When Russian president Vladimir Putin wrote his infamous op-ed for the New York Times earlier this year, he concluded by rejecting the idea of American exceptionalism. His thoughts sparked outrage among many. Sadly, however, a majority of young ...

The Claremont Institute
According to the Census Bureau, those born elsewhere in the world constituted 12.9% of the American population in 2010, the highest proportion since 1920, and 2.7 times greater than the percentage in 1970. The 40 million foreign-born people counted by ...

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