Thursday, November 28, 2013

It's time to pack up and go!

New York Times-2 hours ago

» Does This Trunk Come in Red?
26/11/13 13:57 from World News
Vladimir Lenin's role in Russian history carries a lot of baggage, but a two-story designer suitcase has this week eclipsed his long shadow over Red Square.

» Louis Vuitton Trunk Ordered Removed
27/11/13 06:35 from World News
Russia's presidential administration has ordered the removal of a giant Louis Vuitton suitcase after an outcry over its location at the historical heart of Moscow.

M.N. comments: They don't want to go yet; they need larger suitcases: there is a lot of packing to do...

Last Update: 11.28.13 

Published on
11/26/13 2:34 PM Atlantic Standard Time

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William E. Pomeranz

Russia: Where has all the money gone?

Russia needs new sources of revenue, yet seems unwilling to make the hard economic and political choices to make this happen. Instead of opening up the business sector, Putin continues to put the squeeze on it.  Commentary 

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