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Russian ruling party seeks new mandate despite economic slump

Russian ruling party seeks new mandate despite economic slump 

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Groups aligned with the Kremlin are expected to win a vast majority of the vote.

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A Russian-Iranian Axis - New York Times

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New York Times

Russian-Iranian Axis
New York Times
In fact, a Russian-Iranian bond for military cooperation is rapidly forming, based on a meeting of interests between Russians competing with the West for strategic influence throughout the Middle East, and Iranian hard-liners seeking to dominate local ...

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How Vladimir Putin is using Donald Trump for his own gain - Irish Examiner

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Irish Examiner

How Vladimir Putin is using Donald Trump for his own gain
Irish Examiner
Mr Trump's pro-Putinism goes back to at least 2007, when he told CNN that the Russian strongman was doing “a great job” rebuilding Russia. Mr Trump was pushing real estate deals in Moscow at the time and, according to one Moscow-based American ... 

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Probing Putin's Power - Forbes

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Probing Putin's Power
To make matters worse, his rapidly disintegrating health while in office didn't engender a lot of confidence among the populace. Detractors claimed Russia was “on its knees.” A Meteoric Rise to Power. Enter Vladimir Putin, Yeltsin's appointed favorite, ...

Кадыров: «Россия — это я» - Новости дня - ASPNOVA (пресс-релиз)

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Новости дня - ASPNOVA (пресс-релиз)

Кадыров: «Россия — это я»
Новости дня - ASPNOVA (пресс-релиз)
«Путин — спаситель нашего народа. Я не люблю льстить, но если бы не президент, Россия давно бы развалилась. Он сейчас собирает Россию, которую развалили враги. И если Владимир Путин уйдет с поста президента, Россия опять развалится». «Для нас, молодых, президент — наш кумир. ... «Культ ...

Обманет ли Путин Обаму? - Обозреватель

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Обманет ли Путин Обаму?
Именно сейчас у Путина появляется возможность уйти из Сирии на относительно приемлемых для себя условиях, не потеряв лицо — а там и для нормализации отношений с Вашингтоном и Западом в целом не так уж и далеко. Вспомним, что еще одним результатом встречи Путина с ...

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Exposing Trump's Strongman Bluster - Russia Isn't Great and ... - PoliticusUSA

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Exposing Trump's Strongman Bluster - Russia Isn't Great and ...
"Russia wasn't going to realize its technology potential under a regime where business success depends mainly on political connections."

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Vladimir Putin is trying to take down liberal democracy — and he might be winning - The Week Magazine

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The Week Magazine

Vladimir Putin is trying to take down liberal democracy — and he might be winning
The Week Magazine
Today, there are many more Putin 2.0s to be found. They're in countries of the former Soviet bloc, and perhaps even in China, where Xi Jinping has embarked on a program of concentration of power and cult of personality not seen since China's economic ...
Thugs and KissesNew York Times 

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Exposing Trump's Strongman Bluster - Russia Isn't Great and ...PoliticusUSA

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Putin's US Defenders -

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Putin's US Defenders
Trump has praised President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB operative who tolerates little dissent, for his “very strong control over a country. ” Putin has returned the favor by strongly endorsing Trump. For sure, we've also seen Putin defended by some ... 
Thugs and KissesNew York Times

Vladimir Putin is trying to take down liberal democracy — and he might be winningThe Week Magazine
What Donald Trump And His Apologists Don't Get About The National InterestThe Federalist

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Russia Review - 9.16-1.16: Russian hacking a question of revenge and respect - The Washington Post

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Russian hacking a question of revenge and respect - The Washington Post

Vladimir Putin ordered plot to seize half of Ukraine
Russia extends porn site ban - BBC News
As Russia reasserts itself, U.S. intelligence agencies focus anew on the Kremlin - The Washington Post
Possible Russian Meddling with US Elections Worries Key Defense Officials
Aligned with Russia in Syria, Pentagon awkwardly treads on new terrain | Reuters
Centcom commander: 'Trust deficit' with Russia -
Former top Central Intelligence Agency official: Putin wants Trump to win
Donald Trump’s Putin Crush - The New York Times
Blocking Internet oversight transition a 'gift to Russia': Obama administration | Reuters
OPINION: Trump can never lead on foreign policy
Kremlin Media Mouthpieces Speak Volumes on Putin’s U.S. Pick - Bloomberg
New Documents Released From Hack of Democratic Party - The New York Times
How Clinton's Russia Conspiracy Theory Could Nullify the Vote
Kremlin: Obama's Trump criticism anti-Russian, won't foster better ties | Reuters
The Daily Vertical: Why Is The Kremlin Still Afraid Of Boris Nemtsov? (Transcript)
Trump loves Vladimir Putin. Could his tax returns explain why? - The Washington Post
Donald Trump looks at Vladimir Putin and sees himself - LA Times
Эдвард Сноуден о хакерах, слежке и коррупции - Газета.Ru
From exile, Snowden requests a presidential pardon
The Avalanche of Distrust - The New York Times
Why Russians like Vladimir Putin’s wars - The Washington Post
Details of Syria Pact Widen Rift Between John Kerry and Pentagon - The New York Times
U.S., Russia seal Syria cease-fire, new military partnership - Chicago Tribune
For US and Russia, War in Syria is Mainly in the Air |
Илюмжинов попросил Обаму предоставить...
House Intel chairman: Russians could “absolutely” be trying to influence U.S. election - CBS News
CIA Chief Says Russian Hacking Threatens U.S.
CIA Director John Brennan Warns of Russian Hacking - The New York Times
Head of Russia's anti-corruption agency is found with $122m in CASH in his house  | Daily Mail Online
How Putin is messing with American heads
Editorial: U.S. doesn’t need a Putin
Is Putin As Popular as Trump Says? - The Daily Beast
Putin's Propaganda Network Is Vast, and US Needs New Tools to Counter It | US News Opinion
bne IntelliNews - Russia builds on G20 success in push to shed sanctions
Russia-China Economic and Trade Partnership Falters - NBC News
Election brings whiplash on Russia | TheHill
'Media hostility' is the latest buzzword in Russia-West information war | Russia Direct
Former CIA chief says Vladimir Putin is playing Donald Trump as an 'unwitting agent' - Washington Times
Roots of Putinism in USSR’s fall - Opinion - The Times-Tribune
What is Putinism? | Huffington Post
Putinism Is an Aberration | Huffington Post
Is Syria the beginning of the end of Putinism? - The Washington Post
How America could slide towards Putinism
Our Russia Problem - The New York Times
Trump’s Love for Putin: a Presidential Role Model - The New York Times
Putin, Admired by Donald Trump, Emphasizes Strength as Virtue - The New York Times
For Russia, Donald Trump is a dream come true - The Washington Post
The Selling of Donald J. Trump - The New York Times
putin inside trump matryoshka doll - Google Search
Trump & Putin: Really Into Each Other | Dave's Ink Illustration
U.S. investigating potential covert Russian plan to disrupt November elections - The Washington Post
How Closely Are Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Tied to Vladimir Putin? - The Atlantic
Russia and the United States Reach New Agreement on Syria Conflict - The New York Times
U.S., Russia reach deal on cease-fire in Syria - The Washington Post
When only pizza & vodka will do: Lavrov treats tired journos to US-Russian snack after Syria talks — RT Viral
Blog: Putin leads. Obama leads from behind
Russia's Putin inaugurates $2 billion Moscow railway project | Reuters
Paul Ryan’s Russia position is closer to Hillary Clinton’s than Donald Trump’s - The Washington Post
Donald Trump caps off day of controversy over Putin praise with interview on Russian TV network
Hillary Clinton Rips Donald Trump for Lauding Vladimir Putin - The New York Times
Analysis: Abbas, the KGB and the world of Middle East espionage - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post
Russia, a Broker With Its Own Agenda, Enters the Israeli-Palestinian Fray - The New York Times
Trump attacks U.S. foreign policy, political press corps on state-owned Russian television network - The Washington Post
How Russia could spark a U.S. electoral disaster - The Washington Post
Kerry tries for Syria deal with Russia as White House, Pentagon lose patience -
Obama administration says deal with Russia over Syria at make-or-break moment - The Washington Post
U.S. Officials Warn Russia Over Alleged Hacks - WSJ
US and Russia's WAR in the skies: Moscow and Washington trade blows over 'offensive' jets | World | News | Daily Express
Almost everyone gets Russia wrong – apart from Obama | Trevor Timm | Opinion | The Guardian
Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin hold 'blunt' meeting at G20
Обама встретился с оскорбившим его президентом Филиппин - Газета.Ru
Defense Secretary Warns Russia to Stay Out of U.S. Elections -
Clapper: Russians hack U.S. 'all the time' - POLITICO
Ash Carter Warns Russia Against Interfering in ‘Democratic Process’ - WSJ
Ash Carter - Google Search
U.S. warns Russia against interfering with Western politics | Reuters
Russian jet carries out intercept of U.S. spy plane: U.S. officials | Reuters
Russia Offers to Host Abbas-Netanyahu Meeting
Sure, the U.S. and Russia often meddle in foreign elections. Does it matter? - The Washington Post
Зачем власти нужна независимая от государства социология - Газета.Ru
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: Video Blogs Emerging as Serious Independent Force in Russian Politics, Krasheninnikov Says
Russian Pollster: Authorities Want to Destroy NGOs
US Accuses Russia of Unsafe Aerial Intercept Over Black Sea
Soviet Document Suggests Mahmoud Abbas Was a K.G.B. Spy in the 1980s - The New York Times
Hillary Clinton Accuses Russia of Interfering With U.S. Election - The New York Times
Clinton voices concern about Russian interference in election | Reuters
Clinton suggests Russia working to elect Trump - POLITICO
Saudi Arabia, Russia sign oil pact, may limit output in future | Reuters
Ответы на вопросы журналистов • Президент России
Russian Polling Center Is Declared a ‘Foreign Agent’ Before Elections - The New York Times
Russia's Putin urges Karimov's successors to continue his tough style of rule | Reuters
Vladimir Putin's Presidential Chauffeur Killed In Horrifying Crash
News - Netanyahu and Abbas on talks in Moscow - Google Search
Palestine’s Abbas agrees to Moscow talks with Israel's Netanyahu - Al Arabiya English
Netanyahu and Abbas on talks in Moscow - Google Search
Netanyahu considering offer of talks with Palestinian president in Moscow | Reuters
Palestine's Abbas agrees to Moscow talks with Israel's Netanyahu: Ifax | Reuters
Israeli PM Netanyahu considering Putin’s offer to host Palestine talks in Moscow - statement — RT News
Intelligence community investigating covert Russian influence operations in the United States - The Washington Post
Report: U.S. officials investigating Russia's attempts to influence 2016 election - CBS News
US investigates if Russia may be trying to influence election – report | US news | The Guardian
Obama says he doesn't want 'wild West' cyberwar with Russia - Washington Times
Russian influence operations in the United States - Google Search
News - Russian influence operations in the United States - Google Search
Russian espionage in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Russian influence operations in Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Obama, Putin meet on sidelines of G20, vow to keep working toward Syria deal | Fox News
Obama and Putin tell diplomats to keep working on Syria argument | Reuters
Obama-Putin Talks on Syria 'Productive' But No Deal Reached
News - Nusra Front - Google Search
Al-Nusra Front Still Being Reinforced Through Turkish Border - Russian Diplomat
Встреча с Президентом США Бараком Обамой • Президент России
Rebranded Nusra Front Uniting Syria's Rebels
Саммит «Группы двадцати» • Президент России
Putin Aide Defied E.U. Sanctions to Make Pilgrimage to Greece
Don't Trust Putin
Putin says Russian economy stabilized, pledges budget deficit cuts | Reuters
Park, Putin agree firm stance against...
Uzbek president’s death puts a new spotlight on the strange story of the country’s ‘jailed princess’ - The Washington Post
In Karimov's Shadow -- A Look At Shavkat Mirziyaev
Clinton Accuses Putin Of Endorsing 'Foreign Interference' In U.S. Election
Britain, Russia hope to improve strained relations | Reuters
U.S. Strategy on Syria Is a Non-Issue in Washington and on Campaign Trail - The New York Times
In China, Obama struggles for elusive deal with Russia on Syria - LA Times
The Czars Return to Crimea -
U.S., Russia Talk Syria, But Pentagon Ready to Walk | Foreign Policy
How Karimov's Death will Test Russia-China Relations | The National Interest Blog
Critic of Chechen Ruler Reported Missing
Ъ-Деньги - Все жульем поросло
Ъ-Weekend - «Печать Великой Руси повсюду»
Kurds Fear the U.S. Will Again Betray Them, in Syria - The New York Times
kurds turkey russia us - Google Search
News - kurds turkey russia us - Google Search
Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan strongman who exploited anti-terror fight, dies at 78 - The Washington Post
Встреча с Премьер-министром Японии Синдзо Абэ • Президент России
Nobody Wants to Join Putin's 'Dictators' Club' - Bloomberg View
From Tribe to Nation: Iraqi Kurdistan on the Cusp of Statehood | Wilson Center
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Путин и Медведев заявили о победе «Единой России» на выборах в Госдуму - РБК

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Путин и Медведев заявили о победе «Единой России» на выборах в Госдуму
Владимир Путин и Дмитрий Медведев оценили результаты «Единой России» на выборах в Госдуму как победу. Об этом они заявили, приехав в штаб квартиру партии после оглашения первых результатов итогов выборов. Президент Владимир Путин и премьер Дмитрий Медведев ...
Путин может приехать в штаб «Единой России» сегодня ночьюРосбалт.RU
Путин: трудно и тяжело, но люди проголосовали за «Единую Россию»Газета.Ru
Видеотрансляция: Путин и Медведев в штабе "Единой России"Российская Газета
НТВ.ru -ТАСС -Комсомольская правда
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Vladimir Putin questions US commitment to Syria ceasefire deal - The Guardian

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The Guardian

Vladimir Putin questions US commitment to Syria ceasefire deal
The Guardian
Russia has accused Washington of failing to rein in the rebels, and on Saturday Putin asked why the US has insisted on not releasing a written copy of the agreement. Officials have provided details of the agreement in press conferences, but have not ...
Putin unsure of U.S. commitment to Syria cease-fire amid increased
Putin questions US commitment to Syria 
Putin: Terrorists use Syria ceasefire to try & regroupRT
BBC News-FRANCE 24-The Australian
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Bibi Backs Trump — on Putin - The News (subscription)

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Bibi Backs Trump — on Putin
The News (subscription)
Putin is no Stalin, whom FDR and Harry Truman called “Good old Joe” and “Uncle Joe.” Unlike Nikita Khrushchev, he never drowned a Hungarian Revolution in blood. He did crush the Chechen secession. But what did he do there that General Sherman did ...

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Putin Seeks to Oust Ghosts of 2011 Protests as Russians Vote - Bloomberg

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Putin Seeks to Oust Ghosts of 2011 Protests as Russians Vote
The pro-Putin United Russia party is expected to emerge from Sunday's ballot with an increased majority, as election officials seek to avoid the unrest that was triggered by widespread allegations of vote-rigging five years ago. The format has changed ...

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Donald Trump's praise for Putin shows how dangerous he would be - The Seattle Times

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Breitbart News

Donald Trump's praise for Putin shows how dangerous he would be
The Seattle Times
Anyone who doubts the threat need only observe Trump's repeated praise for Russia's VladimirPutin. “I've already said he is really very much of a leader,” Trump gushed to NBC's Matt Lauer, “far more than our president has been a leader. The man has ...
Trump 'Tonight': 'I Don't Know Putin,' But Wouldn't Be a 'Bad Thing' to Get Along with RussiaBreitbart News

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Will: Russia's Putin a study in thugocracy - The Columbian

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Roanoke Times

Will: Russia's Putin a study in thugocracy
The Columbian
Although in 2009 Putin denounced the pact as “collusion to solve one's problems at others' expense,” in 2015 he defended it as Stalin's means of buying time to prepare for the Nazi onslaught. This fable is refuted by, among other facts, this: Stalin ...
Post-factual politics normal for PutinGrand Island Independent

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Trump’s Love for Putin, How Russia Can Throw the U.S. Election, and Why Levada Center Got Shut Down

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In this week’s Western media highlights, Steven Lee Myers explains in the New York Times Trump’s fascination with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. In her column for the Washington Post, Anne Applebaum spells out a potential scenario of Russian hackers undermining the U.S. presidential election. In the Russian media, experts discussed the reasons for putting Levada Center on the “foreign agents” list, and disserted upon the country’s development path and the so-called “legacy of the past.”

Yes, Russia's Military Is Training for a 'Mega War.' That's What Militaries Do. 

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The latest series of military exercises in Russia have unnerved its Western neighbors, who are concerned that Russia may be preparing for a military campaign. The Russian military is indeed preparing for war, but that does not mean the Kremlin actually plans to initiate one anytime soon.
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Azerbaijani Police Clash With Activists After Baku Rally

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From: rferlonline
Duration: 00:52

Police have clashed with protesters in the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, after an antigovernment rally. The police intervention came after hundreds of demonstrators held a rally on September 17 protesting an upcoming referendum that would give Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev greater powers.
Originally published at -

It Only Gets Worse – Some Russians Now Want to Name a City Square in Honor of Beria 

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Now that some Russians have put up statues in honor of past Russian dictators like Ivan the Terrible, something they had not done for 400 years, and Joseph Stalin, which they hadn’t done since Khrushchev’s expose, others are calling for naming a square in a closed city to honor one of the latter’s most horrific henchmen, Lavrenty Beria.

Claiming ‘Ukrainian and British Spies,’ What Was the FSB’s Real Target? 

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Last week, the Russian Ministry of Justice made an unexpected inspection of Renova, a company owned by Viktor Vekselberg, Russia's seventh wealthiest oligarch, after arresting two officers on fraud charges the previous week. The investigation recalled the 2008 case of the Zaslavskiy brothers, accused of 'industrial espionage' in another company in which Vekselberg had invested, TNK-BP.

Откуда дворец у лидера "Единой России"? 

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From: SvobodaRadio
Duration: 54:24

О борьбе с коррупцией в канун выборов в ГД - Андрей Нечаев, Сергей Попов

Donald Trump’s Admiration of Putin’s Ruthless Use of Power

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Critics of the Republican presidential candidate say his kind words for the Russian leader reflect authoritarian and dangerous instincts.

Donald Trump’s Putin Crush 

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He doesn’t let reality, including the harm the Russian leader has brought to his own people, get in the way of his post-truth politics.
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Spy Games on and off the Track 

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“Crash,” by Toby Vintcent, is a thriller set in the world of Formula One and Moscow’s corridors of power.

Concern Over Colin Powell’s Hacked Emails Becomes a Fear of Being Next 

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A panicked network anchor went home and deleted his entire personal Gmail account, and a Democratic senator began rethinking the virtues of a flip phone.

Another Russian Émigré Dies Mysteriously, but It’s a Different Britain 

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After a similar 2006 death, London expelled four diplomats and broke some ties with Moscow. These days, the calculations of realpolitik have changed.

Член королевской семьи Великобритании впервые совершил каминг-аут -

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Член королевской семьи Великобритании впервые совершил каминг-аут
Лорд Ивар Маунтбаттен (Ivar Mountbatten), двоюродный брат королевы Великобритании Елизаветы II, признался, что является бисексуалом. Это первый случай, когда член британской королевской семьи публично говорит о своей нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентации, пишет в ... 
Член британской королевской семьи впервые заявил о своей нетрадиционной сексуальной ориентацииКомсомольская правда

Потомок Пушкина из британской королевской семьи совершил каминг-аутМосковский Комсомолец
Брат Елизаветы II признался в бисексуальностиДни.Ру

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В Киеве погиб замглавы администрации президента Украины - РБК

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В Киеве погиб замглавы администрации президента Украины
Замглавы администрации президента Украины погиб в аварии на водном мотоцикле, рассказал спикер Нацполиции Ярослав Тракало. Инцидент произошел в Киеве возле Гаванского моста, пишет «РБК-Украина». Погиб замглавы администрации президента Украины Андрей Таранов, ...
Замглавы администрации Порошенко врезался в баржу на гидроцикле и погиб
Замглавы администрации Порошенко убился о баржуВести.Ru 
Замглавы администрации Порошенко погиб, катаясь на водном мотоциклеРИА Новости
 -Российская Газета

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Russia’s Opposition, While Repressed, May Be Its Own Worst Enemy 

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The chances are slim that opponents of President Vladimir V. Putin, divided and largely ineffective, will make gains in Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

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Azerbaijani Author Caught In Tightening Vise

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Akram Aylisli was once cherished by Azerbaijan's government, but he's now a target of its crackdown on dissent. The 78-year-old writer is barred from leaving the country and could face years in prison if tried and convicted on charges he calls absurd.

U.S. Senate Committee: Pakistan Is A 'Tremendously Duplicitous Partner'

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Pakistan continues to be a "tremendously duplicitous partner," according to Bob Corker, chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Ismayilova Addresses Repression, Russian Media Influence At Capitol Hill Azerbaijan Hearing

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WASHINGTON -- Witnesses testifying at a U.S. congressional hearing on September 15 voiced deep concern about rising Russian influence and instability in Azerbaijan, as well as the continued forced closure of RFE/RL’s bureau in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku. The hearing, entitled “Azerbaijan: Do Human Rights Matter?” was organized by the bipartisan Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, chaired by U.S. Representative James McGovern (D-MA), and took place just two weeks before a planned...

Putin 'Positive' Over Syria Cease-Fire, But Calls For Transparency

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Russian President Vladimir Putin said he remained "positive" about the Syria cease-fire agreement struck with the United States last week but called for more transparency from Washington.

Russia, U.S. Tensions Spill Over At UN Security Council Meeting

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Tensions between Russian and U.S. diplomats have spilled over at the United Nations Security Council after Russian officials demanded to know whether the United States intentionally supported Islamic State militants with air strikes that hit Syrian government troops.

Clinton, Ex-Pentagon Chief Call Trump Dangerous Presidential Candidate

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U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has implored black leaders to help protect the legacy of President Barack Obama, warning of a "dangerous and divisive vision" that could come if her Republican rival, Donald Trump, is elected.

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Михаил Касьянов - об итогах выборов 

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From: SvobodaRadio
Duration: 09:08

Брифинг лидера партии ПАРНАС

Putin wants revenge and respect, and hacking the U.S. is his way of getting it 

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The Kremlin saw a tactical opportunity to demonstrate American weakness.

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Amid fears of Trump, Europe tries to make its security less dependent on the U.S. 

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E.U. leaders will discuss proposals for more defense cooperation and even a European army.

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Migrant flows to Europe continue, as United Nations convenes summit in New York 

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Human rights groups are already calling the summit an ‘abject failure.’

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Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte accused of ordering killings – video 

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Edgar Matobato, a former militiaman, testifies before a senate committee hearing in the Philippines that President Rodrigo Duterte, while he was mayor of Davao city, ordered him to kill criminals and political opponents. Duterte was in charge of Davao between 1988 and 2013
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Putin Says U.S. Campaign Shows Russia's Importance

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Vladimir Putin said the prominence of Russia and himself as an issue in the U.S. presidential campaign indicates the country’s growing importance.

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NATO's Baltic Deterrent Force to Be in Place by May 2017

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The new allied deterrent force for the Baltic region will be in place by May 2017, with some units arriving earlier, the head of the western alliance’s military committee said.

FDNY: 25 hurt in apparent explosion in Chelsea neighborhood

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NEW YORK (AP) -- An apparent explosion in a crowded Chelsea neighborhood of New York City on Saturday night left 25 people with minor injuries, authorities said....

Clinton outdoing Trump in Pennsylvania, a must-win state

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PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Hillary Clinton's campaign is aggressively outworking Donald Trump in battleground Pennsylvania, a state the billionaire businessman can scarcely afford to lose and still hope to become president....

Police: Man stabs 8 at Minnesota mall before cop kills him

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Obama to meet Israel's Netanyahu Wednesday in New York: White House

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Barack Obama will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday in New York on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly to discuss a recently agreed deal on U.S. military aid, the White House said.

Women Who Spied 

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Title:                      Women Who Spied
Author:                 Adolph A. Hoehling
Hoehling, A. A. (1967). Women Who Spied. New York: Dodd, Mead
LCCN:    67017751


Date Posted:      September 9, 2016
Reviewed by Paul W. Blackstock and Frank L. Schaf[1]
True stories of espionage by women from the American Revolution to the 1950s. Includes the story of Lydia Darrach, an agent for the Continental Army; Sarah Thompson of the Civil War; and Louise de Bettignies and Maria de Victorica (the Kaiser’s woman in New York) of World War I. Stories from the World War II period include that of Velvalee Dickinson (who spied For Japan in the United States) and a collection of stories of SOE women agents for England, Also includes on account of photo-interpreter Barbara Slade, who covered German U-1 and U-2 launch sites for Royal Air Force Intelligence, and the post-World War II story of the intelligence and counterintelligence activities of Czechoslovakia’s Milada Horakova. A good bibliography of feminine espionage is included.
[1] Blackstock, Paul W. (1978) and Frank L. Schaf, Jr. Intelligence, Espionage, Counterespionage, And Covert Operations: A Guide to Information Sources. Detroit: Gale Research Co., p. 145


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