Wednesday, January 25, 2017

M.N.: Congratulations, Mr. Comey!

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James Comey 

M.N.: Congratulations, Mr. Comey! 

And now the work on the thorough FBI reform should start: to modernize it, to make it very smart, and utterly, ruthlessly efficient, with the broader and deeper outlook, with the renewed organisational sense of mission of not only as the premier domestic intelligence and law enforcement agency, and the worldly, the world's leading one; but as the one which aims to serve as The Cop, The Guardian, The Counselor, and The Adoptive Parent to America. 
Tall order, but it can be done. 

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Trump Is Said to Keep James Comey as FBI Director

New York Times-14 hours ago
James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, during a reception on Sunday for law enforcement officials and first responders at the White House.
James Comey to remain as FBI director
Los Angeles Times-12 hours ago
Why James Comey is staying on at the FBI (+video)
Christian Science Monitor-12 hours ago
FBI Director James Comey to stay on in Trump administration
Highly Cited-Washington Post-
15 hours ago

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