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Is Lying Trump’s Strategy? - The New York Times | A Trump presidency would be ethically compromised - The Washington Post | The Danger of Trump and Putin's Relationship - The Atlantic | Analysis : Putin Trump - Trump, Putin, and Elections - 9.21.16


Mr. Trump’s Stupid Excuses on Taxes

His tax returns could shed light on whom he does business with. The detailed schedules in his tax return could reveal the source of his earnings and debt. This would provide information about his ties to Russian oligarchs, Middle Eastern billionaires and other figures closely linked to foreign governments that might be trying to influence or thwart American policy. A recent Newsweek story revealed that Mr. Trump has done business with politically connected businessmen in Azerbaijan, Dubai, India, Turkey and elsewhere. And a few years ago, his son Donald Trump Jr. said that many Russian investors had put their money into the family’s business.
Mr. Trump says he wants to fix a “rigged” political system controlled by a powerful elite. But by refusing to subject himself to the most basic level of financial scrutiny he is disqualifying himself as candidate.
Donald Trump's "Political Veracity (Truthfullness) Scale"

"Foreign conflicts. Even more serious are the questions raised by Trump investments abroad. Those relate to some of the United States’ most important — and most sensitive — relationships, among them ones with Russia, China, India, South Korea and Turkey. When the United States must support or confront those nations, or their adversaries, would Trump act to benefit the national interest, or his and his family’s investments? Moreover, who are the foreign individuals with whom he has had financial ties, and how would those relationships affect his decisions? As the electorate considers those questions, it is entitled to more information... 

Veracity. Finally, we must address Trump’s propensity for dishonesty. It is disturbing that just 15 percent of his statements checked by PolitiFact are “true” or “mostly true.” No ethics program can work if the client is not honest.
To be sure, counsel for a President Hillary Clinton would have to address actual or apparent conflicts posed by the Clinton Foundation, but those have been disclosed and publicly vetted. They are nowhere near as obscure, profound and dangerous as Trump’s. The ethics lawyer who would have President Trump as his or her client would face a far more daunting task than either of us — or any of our colleagues in recent years — has ever confronted.

Trump, Putin, and Elections - 9.21.16

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ВЗГЛЯД / Путин завоевывает Запад

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Ъ - Антон Носик готов к тюремному сроку за пост в соцсети

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