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"Black mafia" as a tool of foreign intelligence services: The "Black Mafia", War on Police, and Mass Shootings - News Review: The various layers of these intermediaries and participants have to be taken out of these operations, by all and any means, as completely as possible, and as swiftly as possible. The blind eye and the inaction of the law enforcement authorities about them are incomprehensible.

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"Black mafia" as a tool of foreign intelligence services

As I expressed it in my previous posts, I think that the very significant number, if not the majority of the incidents of shootings at police officers and at least some of the episodes of mass shootings are instigated by the hostile intelligence services from abroad, with the purpose to destabilize the society and to weaken America, and also, in the period before the Presidential elections, to stir the mass emotions and to influence the election choices. 

I have the sufficient reasons to believe, based on certain observations, that this instigation paused or diminished markedly for the time being, although some minor copycat activity might continue for some time, but it could and should be distinguished from the original crimes. At this time, I do not want to go into the details of my reasoning for this impression and into the details of this hypothesis, you can deduce them easily by reading the previous posts. 

I do want to call your attention to the intermediaries of these crimes, the witting, unwitting or duped tools of these services, who most of the time are killed themselves, to cover the tracks, and possibly, as I mentioned earlier, by the squads of the highly trained professional killers. 
The historical connections between the various nationalist black movements and their foreign sponsors, their ideological and operational provokers, instigators and inspirers, the main among them, the Soviet-era KGB, are very well known and are well documented, although some important details might still be unknown to us. There no reasons to believe that these connections ceased to exist, if anything, they intensified and acquired the new shapes, forms, and more aggressive functions and purposes. Unfortunately, some new and unexpected players appeared on this scene also.

These intermediaries allegedly belong to various gangs and groups, described collectively as "Black Mafia", or "Black Mafia Family", or "African-American organized crime", and they are probably inspired by the ideologically oriented groups, the "talkers and jesters", such as the "New Black Panthers". This thesis is illustrated amply by this recent case. 

It is a lucrative business for this mafia, in addition to their enormous profits from the drug sales: these crimes are most likely well paid and most likely are subsidized from abroad. Regardless of all these details, 

The various layers of these intermediaries and participants have to be taken out of these operations, by all and any means, as completely as possible, and as swiftly as possible. The blind eye and the inaction of the law enforcement authorities about them are incomprehensible. 

If these criminals enjoy some type of support (this very thought is horrifying, but some facts with regard to the so-called the "New Black Panthers" appear to be adequately documented), "benign neglect", or laissez-faire attitude, or unwillingness to deal with and to interfere with these issues from the top authorities, such as the Department of Justice and the White House, this lack of attention on their part can be viewed as a criminal negligence in itself and as the act of the administrative malpractice. With all the due and very sincere respect, Mr. Obama, your legacy will be judged by the failure to deal with this problem also, among the others; it has the enormous psychological impact on the collective mood of the society, as it should, and as the shocking results of the 2016 Presidential elections have demonstrated so vividly. With all the humbleness and the appropriate restraint, I urge you, among the other voices, spoken and unspoken, to deal with this problem, seemingly on the lower scale of priorities compared with other "big issues", but extremely important socially and for the society's psychological well-being, to deal with this problem head on, most decisively, and without any bias and delay, in the remaining days of your Presidency, Sir. Do not view this position as "racist", it is not at all, this is common sense and logical position based on the facts. The black people suffer directly and enormously from these groups and gangs themselves, this entangled connection is akin to the modern bonds of slavery. Besides, you are not just the first black President, it is almost irrelevant, and you are not the black President of the black America, you are the American President of all America, with all the corresponding duties and responsibilities. The "racial issue" is a pseudo-issue in this situation, it is exploited eagerly and deliberately by the hostile outside and inside forces, and we have to face this situation and its circumstances with the full awareness, not with the eyes "wide shut".  

I am not and I have never been in the law enforcement field and I do not know how they operate in this regard. I want to stress the urgency and the importance of these issues and problems. Again, the FBI: I will assist you in any way I can, mainly with the conceptual understanding of these issues, which, however, was described earlier. 

Michael Novakhov

The following is the news review of various topics pertinent to this subject. 

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As police killings rise, society suffers - Editorial from "The Ledger" - 11.26.16

Photo published for Editorial: As police killings rise, society suffers

Lisa Tuozzolo at the funeral on 11.10.16 for her husband, Sgt. Paul Tuozzolo killed on 11.4.16 in the Bronx, NY. 

As police killings rise, society suffers

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Three months ago Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who pledged to be the law-and-order candidate, called for an end to the “war on our police.” Trump did so just after Milwaukee erupted in rioting after a black suspect was shot and killed by police. Last month, the liberal news website Huffington Post declared Trump’s assertion “bunk.”
The Post, citing FBI data and academics who study crime and policing, pointed out that 2015 was one of the safest years on record in terms of law enforcement officers who were feloniously killed — as opposed to dying in vehicle crashes, for instance — in the line of duty.
Forty-one police officers were intentionally killed in 2015, with a record low recorded in 2013, 27. Last year’s total was just two-thirds of the average of 64 officers killed annually since 1980, and a third of the number killed each year in the early 1970s, according to the Post.
“Any suggestion in the political arena that there is a ‘war on cops,’ is symbolic political crime control rhetoric exaggerated by the fact that it is an election year,” Philip Stinson, a retired police officer and now a criminologist at Bowling Green State University, told the Post.
We think, however, that the Post and its sources would have a difficult time convincing those who actually patrol our streets or their families that they aren’t under siege.
On Thanksgiving Day, Collin Rose, 29, a K-9 officer at Wayne State University, died from gunshot wounds he sustained earlier in the week after encountering a suspect. Rose became the 61st police officer shot to death this year, based on a tally by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, which tracks violence against police.
The dramatic rise in police killings is disturbing enough in itself. But one-third of those slain in 2016 so far were victims of ambush killings — which police organizations say are typically defined by an element of surprise, assailants who conceal themselves, their weapons or their intents and a lack of provocation — and The Washington Post reported this week that such attacks have hit a 10-year high.
Police officers have been murdered while sitting in their patrol cars, eating meals, as they exited their vehicles in responding to calls.
That number of ambush murders might have crept higher last week had a pair of suspects in Alabama not suddenly gotten cold feet. The pair, who are black, planted a fake bomb at an elementary school and intended to shoot responding cops in order to start a “race war.” Authorities were not sure why they backed out of the murderous part of their plot.
Police work is inherently risky for those who choose to serve. They understand it can be dangerous, and that at any time some people they encounter can be violent, anti-social, mentally ill or unpredictable.
But what eludes those who criticize Trump, police union leaders and politicians for using the “war” rhetoric is the mindset that underpins such violence.
While some observers attribute the attacks on police to strained race relations and a desire for retaliation for perceived injustice suffered by black community in some areas, that doesn’t tell the whole story, as race is not a factor in all of these killings.
Rather, suspects who are willing to shoot and kill police without provocation exhibit a contempt toward authority and an orderly society. As Craig Floyd, president of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, recently told Fox News, “So much dialogue has centered around race relations, but there is a hatred in this country right now that's just gotten out of control. There is a lack of respect for government in general, and the most visible and vulnerable symbol of government in America is patrolling our streets in marked cars."
This violence, of course, threatens police directly. But the rest of us are affected in an indirect way. In one way, pure self-defense might lead police to ramp up militarism and community crackdowns. Or, as has been reported, police departments across the country are reporting that it’s become more difficult to find new recruits, and that they are sacrificing standards in order to compensate. That, in turn, could mean less qualified people who patrolling our streets, which could mean more incidents that cause police-community relations to deteriorate.
The “war” language might be a bit overblown, but it encapsulates the destructive nature of this threat to the safety and stability our society — and whatever we label it, we need to solve it sooner rather than later.