Thursday, January 23, 2014

Should the U.S. keep 10,000 or zero troops in Afghanistan? - from Opinion. And this is my opinion...

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» An Obama Foreign Policy IQ Test
22/01/14 20:22 from Opinion
Should the U.S. keep 10,000 or zero troops in Afghanistan?

M.N.: A "no brainer" answer by the above "opinionator": keep the troops. Agreed. And simply ignore the antics of Karzai as simply and practically, and almost irrelevant (as, I think, Mr. Hagel, essentially did and does). And include the Russians (within and under the common and Western framework, of course): let them share the burden; it is in their interests and hopefully might open the door to a broader cooperation on their part. And this is my opinion. 

» Did Russia prevent U.S. from becoming like Russia?
22/01/14 19:07 from Opinions: Washington Post Opinion, Editorial, Op Ed, Politics Editorials - The Washington Post
If, as Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) has alleged [“ NSA program defenders question Snowden’s motives ,” news, Jan. 20], Russia is responsible for Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency , then we owe Russian dictator...

» The Syria Peace Follies
22/01/14 18:33 from Opinion
The diplomatic farce over Iran sums up the U.S. strategy.

» Martin Rowson on the Syria peace talks – cartoon
22/01/14 18:02 from Comment is free |
Little sign of constructive action in Syrian peace talks despite Ban Ki-moon's call to seize 'fragile chance' Martin Rowson

» The President Inhales
22/01/14 15:30 from Opinion
He ought to change federal drug law rather than refuse to enforce it.

» On Drones, Keeping the Public in the Dark
22/01/14 13:25 from Taking Note
The 2014 spending bill contained a secret deal on drones.

» Ukraine protests are no longer just about Europe | Volodymyr Ishchenko
22/01/14 11:12 from Comment is free |
The far right has infiltrated a movement that in itself does not reflect all the people. There must be an alternative to this senseless violence There is little doubt that Viktor Yanukovych's rule is corrupt. It stands for the interests ...

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