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Hello, the long awaited for bright and brave new world; and I say: survey more, not less, and survey as much as you can!

Message Said to Be From Edward Snowden Read to European Parliament Rights Panel

PARIS — Edward J. Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who disclosed thousands of classified government documents and is now in hiding in Russia, made a surprise appearance of sorts at the European Parliament in Brussels on Monday.
Reading from a statement that she said had come from Mr. Snowden, Jesselyn Radack, a former ethics adviser to the United States Department of Justice and a former government whistle-blower, quoted Mr. Snowden as saying that “the surveillance of whole populations, rather than individuals, threatens to be the greatest human rights challenge of our time.”
Ms. Radack, who has represented several prominent dissident former officials from the N.S.A., came to prominence after she revealed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation had committed what she said was a breach of ethics in its interrogation of John Walker Lindh, who was captured during the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 and dubbed the “American Taliban.”
Ms. Radack told Parliament’s civil liberties committee on Monday that Mr. Snowden said in his statement that it should not take what he called “the persecution and exile” of leakers like him to generate robust international debate over the breadth of government surveillance.
“If we are to enjoy such debates in the future, we cannot rely on individual sacrifice, we must create better channels for people of conscience to better inform not only trusted agents of government but independent representatives of the public outside of government,” she said, quoting Mr. Snowden’s message.
Mr. Snowden, 30, who has been granted temporary asylum in Russia, has been charged in the United States with espionage and theft, after his leaking of N.S.A. materials exposed a massive surveillance program in the United States and internationally. While his critics regard him as a traitor, many Europeans portray him as an effective civil liberties advocate.
The polarization between Europe and the United States over the Snowden affair was laid bare in September when the European Parliament, in a rebuke to Washington, nominated Mr. Snowden for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, considered Europe’s top human rights award. Previous recipients of the award include Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar and Nelson Mandela of South Africa.
Ms. Radack, who works for the Government Accountability Project, a Washington-based advocacy group, said by telephone from Brussels on Tuesday that the Snowden case showed the importance of credible government oversight bodies where whistle-blowers could turn. “When government bodies are functioning the way they are supposed to, whistle-blowers are willing to go through them,” she said.
The hearing was also attended by Thomas A. Drake, a former senior executive at the N.S.A. who leaked information to the media in 2006 about wasteful government spending and alleged snooping on American citizens.
He told the committee that the N.S.A. was “not just eavesdropping on all Americans and building the architecture for a police state in the U.S., it has created the largest set of mass surveillance programs in the history of the world.”

First of all, our poor little piece of shit Ms. Snow White is (as always) full of herself and she better blow her guts; that's her best whistle, just like with her other "fellow traveler" blowers, who just love to blow. 

Snow White and Prince Charming

Ms. Snow White's twisted language in this direct quote clearly demonstrates the presence of formal thought disorder (just like in her Hong Kong interview) which places her in a schizophrenic - schizoid - paranoid spectrum. But this is her and their problem; all these assangoids - radackoids - drakoids, etc. look and act like all of them definitely belong to this same sick bunch; it is their nature and their personalities: to shit and to blow; they just love to blow, to enjoy watching themselves in all sorts of mirrors with their cheeks puffed and their hot air coming through their eyes, and they cannot even talk straight (or gayed, does not matter). Nominate your little Snow White for the Best Shitter of the year prize (for the most shitty formal thought disorder). Do you see not that all they are trying to do is to discredit and belittle, and in fact simply to kill by doing this, both Sakharov Prize (for Freedom of Thought) and Nobel Prize, with recent Putin nomination (by, of all people, Joseph Kobzon, very well known and indisputable "godfather" of Russian criminal under-and-super-world and mafia; the Nobel Committee should take it into consideration very carefully, indeed). This is a part of the same propaganda campaign, in this case to discredit these prizes as a revenge for the scandal with the Quadriga Prize, refused to Putin several years ago. He is so vain and so desperate to create the image of himself as the great statesman and historical figure as his legacy and as the "monumentum" ("memento mori", and "memento" he does) that he does not have any compunctions of deserting, as usually, to his cheap propaganda means. He wants to be known in history as Putin The Great, not as PussyPut

Putin the GREAT!

Let us get to the point though, and I will try to get to the point for our poor little hot air blowers too. 
I say: there is nothing wrong with surveillance if it is done ethically, professionally, productively and efficiently. We all "survey" each other, the world, our souls and everything and everyone. Parents survey their children, the lovers constantly survey and jealously guard each other, every government or governing entity try to survey as much as they can, both at home and abroad (and the better they survey, the more efficient they are), the law enforcement agencies and police survey their realms, etc., etc., etc. “The surveillance of whole populations..." is a blessing, not a "human rights challenge", as the hostile intelligence services want us to believe. And there is nothing wrong with "creating the largest set of mass surveillance programs in the history of the world” either. 
And I say: survey more, not less; and survey as much as you can. Blessed are the surveyors, for they will inherit whatever has and can be inherited. 


Blessed are all sorts of drones and drone-chicks, for they are the tools of the new era, the Sturmtauchers of the new coming bliss: peace, prosperity and happiness; no crime, no transgressions, no conspiracies, no evil; everything has and must be known, learned, studied, analysed and prevented, from little Johnny trying to bully little Jane, to Al Qaeda and KGB trying to blow bridges and bomb the crowds. 

Great White Pelican in breeding condition flying in Walvis Bay, Namibia

There is no direct cause and effect relationship between the mass surveillance, if it is done properly, lawfully, smartly and productively and the human rights violations; just the opposite: all sorts of human rights will be enhanced by the humane and sophisticated mass surveillance: Big Brother will be first of all and most of all The Brother, and it is better that he is Big. He will be kind, caring, protective, educating, nurturing and healing Big Brother; so fear him not. I can envision this situation in the US and Europe easily, but I would have real difficulties envisioning it in Russia or China, because there many different types of Big Brothers, and some of them are not so kind and benign, and this is exactly what the point is. 

But this issue will take us into a completely different and quite complex subject. We ourselves do have to watch our own Big Brother too, to prevent him from degeneration and tendency to abuse, because potentially it is always there; humans are just humans, and only all too humans. Trust your Good Big Brother, but watch him too, and if the need be, give him a little slap on a wrist so he would behave himself! 

Brother Quote for Orkut - I Love My Big Brother

So, methinks it is not mass surveillance which is an issue and a problem, it is the type of Big Brother (who performs the surveillance and who will always perform the surveillance, no matter what, for it is his job, his duty and his essence) which is an issue and potentially a problem: the creation and maintenance of humane, honest and efficient government structures and policies
So do not give the Sakharov Prize to Ms. Snow White, definitely not; it would be an abomination, and do not give the Nobel Prize to Putin, it would be the worst case of hypocrisy and the insult to humanity and to the prize itself. Give it to those who deserve it and trust The Good Big Brother to survey the population and to find them. 
Hello, the long awaited for bright and brave new world

02/10/13 21:11 from NYT > Europe
Citing his role in forestalling an attack on Syria, a Russian advocacy group says their president deserves it as much as a certain other president.  

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Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has said that Putin was aware of the letters but is not lobbying for a nomination. Peskov added: “Putin does not actually seek any awards, prizes, etc. What he is really after is satisfaction from seeing...

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Не заснуть никак от таких страстей-мордастей. 

Включил ящик, а там – другой бородатый… (И что это за мода пошла, все в раввины записались: 999 пророков на тысячу населения.) На первой линии всех распекает, что ему Нобеля не дали. Я, говорит, и такой, и сякой, а мне не дали. Обаме вот дали, а мне нет. За что? И жалобно так гундосит. А комиссары спрятались за своего короля и в этого гундосого пальцами тычат: не заслужил мол, врёшь мол ты всё, отзынь! Однако! Ну, думаю, и время пошло, жадные какие все стали, даже Нобеля не дают. И так хочу крикнуть им: «Дяденьки, ну дайте же ему этого Нобеля-Шнобеля, ему ведь так хочется… Посмотрите на него, что он, чубарыжий какой? У него ведь вообще никаких талантов нет. Разве бы он от хорошей жизни в ящик залез?» 

» Maduro Backs Putin's Nomination for Nobel Prize
02/10/13 20:00 from The Moscow Times Top Stories
Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro said that President Vladimir Putin's efforts to prevent a strike on Syria make the Russian leader deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize.

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