Monday, November 14, 2016

Open Letter To The FBI Director Mr. J. Comey: "Investigate and prosecute them!" - by Michael Novakhov

Open Letter To The FBI Director Mr. J. Comey

Dear Mr. Comey: 

I would like to express my full and complete agreement with the recent calls for the investigation of the "political intervention by the police [it is meant "by the FBI" - M.N.] into the election... that was also clearly illegal". 

Investigate and prosecute them! 

Also investigate how the 650,000 emails got into the Weiner-Abedin's computer, who was behind this, if there is indeed "the right-wing conspiracy within the FBI", and if any foreign powers were behind this. Also: if there was a collusion, in any way, shape, or form, overt or covert, between the FBI's presently on active duty, or former agents (possibly investigating the Weiner affair) and the hostile foreign powers, which, as I wrote before, would imply treason. This connection, hypothetical or not so hypothetical, is underlined by the recent reports (very readily made and somewhat puzzling) of the Russian Ministry of the Foreign Affairs spokesman's statement about the contacts between the Trump's campaign and the Russian officials, possibly including the officials from the Russian intelligence services, despite the subsequent denials of the Trump's allies. 

In the light of the most recent reports about the upcoming Obama - Putin personal meeting in Peru on 11.19-20.16, it is foreseeable that Mr. Putin will be able to share some additional and important materials, which could shed further light on these complex and complicated affairs, and also as a very nice and memorable good bye present to Mr. Obama. Mr. Putin and Russia have really nothing to gain from the semi-fascist regime, only to lose, in the most unexpectable, unpredictable and dangerous ways; and they have everything to gain from their stable, balanced, fair, and mutually beneficial relations with the great country of the intellectual and military prowess and power, of the business acumen, experience, and skills. This is, to a great extent, a game: very complex and sophisticated game, paradoxical, unforeseen and unexpected at times, much more so than in chess, but the outcomes of this game are calculated rationally, skillfully, and artfully, with many advanced and at a first glance, controversial moves. We'll live, we'll see: there are such things as political wisdom and moderation, still left in this world. 

The final result and outcome of this "several moves (mnogokhodovka)" game might be the Pence Presidency which is probably viewed by the Russians as the much more acceptable to them and to the world. The fringe benefits will be a miraculous turn for Mr. Putin from the eternal, evil, malicious and malevolent, ever conspiring villain into an angel in disguise, a hero, and a savior; he could happily make his valedictory tour of America, and even this humble servant of yours could be turned into one of the admirers of his infinite political acumen and wisdom from the long time, incorrigible, and sometimes seemingly unfair, offending, sneering, and unabashedly satirical critic - curmudgeon, (whom he got used to tolerate graciously, and with a certain dose of Christian meekness), and probably would not refuse to accompany our newly minted hero as an interpreter on this tour, if these free and fair services are requested. 

There would be some important benefits for the other parties too: our most charming new President-elect would luckily limit the stony repercussions of the falling roofs (bright red color painted), walls, columns, and other edifices of his Samsonite temple, fortified by the special supplies of the special concrete from his most special friends, to himself and his immediate circle, thus sparing the much suffered GOP, reborn, rejuvenated and unburdened by the excess wisdom of the excessively wise men, but much wised up in its return to the sanity of the collective leadership. 

Our most beloved FBI will also receive its benefits package of turning this crisis into the  much awaited, needed, and inevitable structural and operational reforms. So many turns, so many wise and wised up men, so little time, and so many benefits, almost for everyone, unless offset by the opposite and the most interminable benefits of my most interminable wishful thinking. We live, we learn, but most often we do not.

This is the matter of the utmost importance which is not negated by the outcome of the elections. Mr. Comey, I, personally, still have trust in you as the guardian (or one of them) of the American democracy, and I, personally, still believe that you should stay on your job and to clear this incredible mess. The same moral imperative that forced you to share the fact of the renewal of investigative activities in your letter to Congress of 10.28.16, should force you (and also the current President, and the current AG) to open the full, objective, and in-depth investigation of this matter. This is beyond and above of the post-election shock. 

The signs of the great America sliding towards fascism are unmistakable, and you should be aware of this more than anyone else. The shadow of the sickening fear of Tyranny and the political persecutions descended upon "the land of the free and the home of the brave".

To retain the trust of the American people in its institutions, in the FBI, in the American values and the system of government, it is, it seems to me, as the US citizen and as a firm believer in these values, absolutely imperative, necessary and unavoidable to start and to proceed with this investigation relentlessly and absolutely objectively, without giving in to any political pressures, just like you did with Mrs. Clinton emails investigations. Otherwise this cementing, the all-important trust will be broken, and, I am afraid, Sir, that your own reputation as the person of integrity standing above any and all political frays, might be ruined. The stakes are high, maybe even much higher than at the times of the Watergate, and the time is now. 

If the FBI is not able or willing to investigate itself, or if this proposed investigation is not perceived as meaningful or trustworthy, then, I believe, just like the other people who expressed their views, that the outside independent investigators and prosecutors should be appointed, and that they should carry out and accomplish this work in as efficient and speedy manner, as it is possible. 

Investigate the false and treacherous "investigators", who, allegedly, got engaged into the criminal actions, and try to surreptitiously control and manipulate the country and its political system in their sick, unlawful, and never ending quest for power! Make them taste their own poisons and their own "medicines". Prosecute the criminals, regardless of their positions or their status to the fullest extent of the law, if they are found guilty. 

Wake up from this shock and this nightmare, exercise your own full control,  and take your own actions, America! The stakes are high, and the time is now! 

Very sincerely, 

Michael Novakhov