Thursday, December 1, 2016

Обоссаться! The "Fair Warning" is issued: V. Putin - THE DEEP STATE - "L'Etat, C'Est Moi" - brings the Old Soviet Union (OSU) to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)! Ohioians, Iowaians, and the others, beware! And this is the essence of all this hullabaloo, with all the unnecessary heavy metal music...

'Bringing OSU to ISU' (and also bringing Osu-Kumara to "I See U" - Uga, Uga! And either or both to the ICU?! - "ужас-то какой, khe, khe, apchkhi! And a nice long spit.") message not a credible threat (It was implied facetiously: "they just shoot themselves, and their own dogs bite them!"). - Oy, ssu! - "I am your robot!" Ass-ssa! - Any time. Запростокак два пальца обоссать! - A Te-nne-ssee! А ты не see! Vashe delo- zagovarivat(sya), v tom chisle i zubi, a nashe delo - interpretirovat! YikYak!

Spe (spi) - cia-l ("Sleep, cia-lull-lol"; spi, cielo!) to the Register
An online message about "bringing OSU (Old Soviet Union) to ISU (-ICU!): (I ssu: pee-pee-pee... And how did you ass-ssume that "I ssu"? I couldn't care less, isn't it obvious? Osi-osu-isi-zasu...) today" has been referred to the FBI by Iowa ("I owe them, aeh!" - they, not me: for the spies' arrests of 2010? Isn't it a time to forget it already, and to start the relations anew?) State University Police, though there is no evidence of a credible threat, according to police. (?!?!?!/010101). ISU Police tweeted a screenshot of the message, reportedly posted on the app Jodel, which states: "We bringing OSU to ISU today" followed by a smiling emoji. According to the 11:15 ("thank you" for promotion to 11 and the evolution of my grades: 1 to 5) a.m. ("ay, michael" - yeah, that's what my name is, for the last 37 years - Oh, 1937 - ah-babah! - the 80-th anniversary is coming, along with 100-th anniversary of 1917 - the Russians are very sensitive to the all kinds of anniversaries...) tweet, the police department is investigating. About two hours later, ISU Police tweeted there was no evidence a credible threat associated with the message. ISU Police Deputy Chief Carrie Jacobs (Carry, Jay, to cubs) said the police department was made aware of the message by an outreach officer ("How mutz?") who passed it along to investigators. A few hours after being made aware of the message, Jacobs said the police department learned the threat wasn't credible. She said she isn't able to release how investigators determined it wasn't credible, due to the case being under investigation. "We were able to get some pertinent information to us that this isn’t an imminent threat," Jacobs said. Jacobs said Jodel (Jodl) is similar to YikYak (self-explanatory), an anonymous social media app that allows people to create and view posts in their area. Jodel is targeted towards college students. These type of apps can create difficulties with investigations, due to their anonymous nature, Jacobs said. She said Jodel doesn't record information about the user, but she said people with the company have been helpful in the investigation (the company is always helpful, that is why it is a company)The FBI and the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation were also contacted to help with investigating the threat, Jacobs said. "Our hope is to contact the individual responsible for the posting and have a conversation with them about the meaning behind the post," Jacobs said (Any time. Запросто, как два пальца обоссать!)The Jodel message is presumably referring to the violent attacks at Ohio State University on Monday. Eleven people were hurt at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio ("O, Higher, Columbus: THE STATE!" - "L'Etat, C'Est Moi" - and this is the essence of all this hullabaloo...)when a student crashed his vehicle on campus and then attacked fellow students with a knife. Ус - саться! An FBI spokeswoman from the agency's Omaha office was not immediately aware of the message when reached by phone. (No comments...) 

(And now make your own very far reaching conclusions, and you will be in a very nice company!)  

Tacoma, Wash., police officer shot dead: M.N.: "Ta (yeschyo) "coma"(,)... Обоссаться!

M.N.: "Ta (yeschyo) "coma"(,), the anticipated, expected, or assumed "pause" in these activities - A dot or a coma? - much less the "period"(.)"Обоссаться! 

Please note that today Mr. Putin gave his address to the "National Assembly": the gathering of the nominal "elites", the new "Nomenclatura". I did observe that these types of his public speeches do, almost invariably recently (from 2012, at least, the beginning of his third Presidential term), coincide with various accidents, such as large scale mass shootings, or with the several episodes of the police shootings, as they happened today. These unfortunate events, as I noted previously, also coincide with the various Russian state holidays, most notably, and probably consistently with the so called "The Day of the Russian Military Intelligence Officer" on November 5, like, for example. and the most tragically, with Fort Hood (note the name) shootings by major Nidal Hasan. 

These "special operations" serve both the domestic Russian propaganda purposes: "Look at this terrible insane society, while we have almost a paradise of tranquility and civil peace here, in Mother Russia", and the purpose of intimidation and the destabilization in the U.S. 

The hypothetical, putative involvement of Mr. Putin personally, his military intelligence, and other, possibly his personal intelligence - special operations - "Spetsnaz" services, and the relative degrees of their involvement are not known to us, at least not openly and not publicly, but most likely it is combined and mutual. They tend to blame it on each other, according to my observations: very convenient for them, of course. 

I urge again our investigators, the FBI, and the services other than the FBI (military intelligence, specifically counterintelligence) to check this temporal (coincidences in times - dates of occurrences) carefully. If the FBI were able (or willing) to do this by themselves, they would do this a long time ago. Dear Mr. President-elect, please do take it into your attention and into your consideration when dealing with Mr. Putin: this is not an insignificant matter by any means. 

If Mr. Putin is involved, directly, indirectly, or both, this would indicate his deep sense of duplicity, both personal and political, and more: these criminal actions are bordering on frank insanity, from my point of view, although this "insanity" is well and artfully hidden, masked and camouflaged. 

In my Russia blog's post today I asked Mr. Putin to share the information about this (still hypothetical connection). It might look naive, but is a necessary logical step: to ask for an explanation of this obvious and undeniable connection. 

Michael Novakhov

Tacoma, Wash., police officer shot dead. Suspect killed after 12-hour standoff ends in gunfire. - Washington Post
Thu, 01 Dec 2016 08:27:07 -0500
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Tacoma, Wash., police officer shot dead. Suspect killed after 12-hour standoff ends in gunfire.
Washington Post
This post has been updated. After a nearly 12-hour standoff with multiple law enforcement agencies in Tacoma, Wash., a 38-year-old man suspected of fatally shooting a police officer Wednesday was killed by a single bullet from a SWAT team member early ...
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