Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Mike Nova comments: "This is not just racist "outrage" but an insult to the whole nation."

Mike Nova comments: 
This is not just racist "outrage" but an insult to the whole nation. There is no need to politicize or to try to excuse this in some ways, this phrase and the circumstances around it are the most revolting, disgusting and insulting to all of us (regardless of the history of this slur, Mr. Blitzer), and I still cannot believe that something like this could have happened. I think it will backfire strongly in all respects: politically, socially and psychologically. 
Mr. Nugent, I think you should have your head examined, and I would not be surprised if the late stage brain syphilis or the effects of drugs abuse are behind this behavior. 

"Nugent's recent slur against Obama is just one among many of the raging, aging rock star's linguistic stylings."

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Nugent: Obama is a 'subhuman mongrel' 

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Wolf Blitzer talks to Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News about rocker Ted Nugent's comments on President Obama.