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Headlines 9.16-14.15

Headlines 9.16-14.15: DNI: Russians Hacked U.S. Industrial Control Nets - Washington Free Beacon

News Review - September 2015 - 9.16.15 W

Reviews - 9.16.15

News Roundup and Notes: September 16, 2015 | Just Security

Cyber Security - 9.16.15

DNI: Russians Hacked U.S. Industrial Control Nets - Washington Free Beacon

Russian Admits Credit Card Hacking Scheme

Security - 9.16.15

Analysts Detail Claims That Reports on ISIS Were Distorted -
CIA officials address issues facing agency in 21st century | The Daily Texan
John Brennan, CIA director, says al Qaeda still major threat despite Islamic State's rise - Washington Times
China reportedly compiling 'Facebook' of U.S. government employees | Fox News
Netanyahu due in Moscow Sept. 21 for urgent talks with Putin
Chinese Admiral: South China Sea ‘Belongs to China’ | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

Russians in Syria - 9.16.15

Obama Weighing Talks With Putin on Syrian Crisis -
John Kerry tells Russia its support for Syria's Assad risks 'extending conflict' - Telegraph
U.S. urges 'engagement' by Russia against Islamic State | Reuters
Syria's Assad blames West for refugee crisis | Reuters
Assad Blames Western Support of 'Terrorists' for Migrant Crisis
Russian moves in Syria flummox US - TheUnion |
Putin Open To Meeting With Obama At UN This Month
White House Urges Russia to Join Coalition Against Islamic State
U.S. Warns Russia Assad Has No Role In Fighting Islamic State
US warns Russia its support for Syria's Assad could extend conflict - Americas - World - The Independent
Vladimir Putin to continue providing Syria's Bashar al-Assad with military aid | Daily Mail Online
Russian aid to Syria latest example of Obama's inability to confront Putin, critics say - Washington Times
Syrian President Bashar Assad—FULL INTERVIEW, Sept. 16, 2015 | ThereAreNoSunglasses

Other news - 9.16.15

Russia in 'information war' with West to win hearts and minds - BBC News
China continued South China Sea reclamation despite halt claim: expert | Reuters
Lebanese Police Beat Back Protesters Ahead of Talks - ABC News
British Isis member complains of 'rude Arabs' who steal his shoes, eat like children and won't queue - Middle East - World - The Independent
Chief Retires After Post Criticizing Black Lives Matter - ABC News
Путин не будет говорить об Украине на Генассамблее ООН - Газета.Ru | Новости

9.15.15 Tu

Reviews - 9.15.15

Countering Russia's Expansionism
News Roundup and Notes: September 15, 2015 | Just Security
Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare
From Al Qaeda in Iraq to ISIS, From al Zarqawi to al Baghdadi - Lawfare
A System Buffeted by the Storms of History - The New York Times
Why Do Terrorists Target Democracies? - The New York Times
Views About Internet Turn Negative - The New York Times

Russians in Syria - 9.15.15

Russian Moves in Syria Widen Role in Mideast - The New York Times
Russia says it wants Putin-Obama talks on Syria | Reuters
Syria conflict: US presses Russia on military build-up - BBC News
Russia 'plans forward air operating base' in Syria - US - BBC News
Pentagon sidelined on discussions with Russia on Syria - Washington Times
General: 'We Don’t Truly Understand' Russia's Plans in Syria | The Weekly Standard
Putin Defends Russian Military Aid to Syria
Putin Defends Russian Actions In Syria
Russia Blames US, Allies For Not Coordinating Anti-ISIS Operations: Russian Officer
'Alarming' Russian Arms Buildup Said To Have Closed Gap With U.S.
Putin defends Russia's military aid to Syria's Assad - CBS News
U.S.-Russia troubles over Syria; prison break, Afghan-style; elusive military equality of the sexes; and problems with China - The Washington Post
Why Russian Propaganda Links Chechen Militants, IS, And Assad's Coastal Stronghold
WSJ: дерзкий Путин выигрывает у США в Сирии - Газета.Ru | Новости

Cyber Security - 9.15.15

Cyberthreat Posed by China and Iran Confounds White House - The New York Times
Disconcerting U.S. Cyber Deterrence Troubles Continue - Lawfare
Kremlin Website Hit By 'Powerful' Hack During Elections
Russia says Kremlin websites targeted by U.S. hackers during weekend election - Washington Times

Security - 9.15.15

General Sees U.S. Air Force's Advantage over Russia Shrinking | News | The Moscow Times
The Risk in Lifting Sanctions, and Pressure, on Iran Weapons Activities - WSJ
US to begin training Ukraine’s active-duty military - Europe - Stripes
Dirty FBI Agent Gets 5 Years for International Bribery Scheme - ABC News
Trump: US ‘a dumping ground for the rest of the world’ - The Washington Post

Middle East - 9.15.15

Syria: Suicide Attacks by Islamic State Target Cadets and a Militia in the North - The New York Times
Suicide Attack in Northeastern Syrian City Kills 7 - ABC News
Turkey deploying more soldiers, police, prosecutors to break Kurdish foes - Middle East - Stripes
No End in Sight for Syria War
Syria Battles Rebels Along Strategic Damascus Corridor

Europe's migrants crisis - 9.15.15

Refugee Crisis Engulfs Europe - In Homeland Security
Islamic State jihadis 'may be posing as Syrian refugees' - Telegraph
Border controls in Europe tighten to stem migrant flow - The Boston Globe
Migrants Trapped in Serbia as Hungary Launches Border Crackdown - NBC News
Orbán’s police state – POLITICO

Other news - 9.15.15

Suspect in 2 Mississippi Killings Dies of Apparent Suicide - ABC News
Vladimir Putin Telephones Sir Elton John

9.14.15 Mo

U.S., Russian Top Diplomats Talk Amid Syria Buildup - Washington Free Beacon

Reviews - 9.14.15

Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare
News Roundup and Notes: September 14, 2015 | Just Security
A System Buffeted by the Storms of History -

Russians in Syria - 9.14.15

Impossible to 'be satisfied' with Syria situation, admits U.S. ambassador -
Analysis: Russia Gambles in Syria, Ramping Up Involvement -
Analysis: Russia takes gamble in Syria, ramping up military involvement in civil war | Fox News
UPDATE 2-Russia positioning tanks at Syria airfield -U.S. officials | Reuters
Russia positioning tanks at Syria airfield: U.S. officials | Reuters
Russia 'creating forward air operating base in Syria' - Telegraph
Syria: Russia's Motives Behind Military Build-Up
Pentagon: Russians Apparently Setting up Air Base in Syria - ABC News
Russian Flights Over Iraq and Iran Escalate Tension With U.S. - The New York Times
Don’t Trust Putin on Syria -
Putin shifts fronts in Syria and Ukraine - The Washington Post
Putin bullies the US as he shifts fronts - Stripes
Putin’s Syria Play - WSJ
Putin’s latest land-grab is in Syria - Al Arabiya News
What exactly is Russia doing in Syria? - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
Russia's expanding military presence in Syria - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

US - 9.14.15

California Wildfire Claims One Life - WSJ
Thousands flee California wildfire as homes go up in flames - Yahoo News
State of emergency after wildfire destroys hundreds of CA homes - CBS News
Clinton's Support Drops by a Third as Trump, Carson Surge in GOP Race - ABC News
Showdown Between Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump Expected at Republican Debate -
Planes Clip Each Other on Ground at Los Angeles Airport - ABC News
American Airlines Flew Wrong Plane To Hawaii
Philadelphia cop denied bathroom access at Starbucks | Fox News Video
Manhunt underway following shooting death of Kentucky state trooper - The Washington Post
Shooting Kills Kentucky Trooper on Force Less Than a Year - ABC News
Kim Davis: Kentucky clerk relents in gay marriage dispute - BBC News
G.O.P. Anti-Gay Bigotry Threatens First Amendment - The New York Times

Security - 9.14.15

Utilities Engaged In Hand-To-Hand Cyber Combat To Keep The Lights On - In Homeland Security
Week ahead: White House weighs sanctions for Chinese hacking | TheHill
White House Concludes Four Days Of Cyber Security Meetings With Top Chinese Officials - Forbes
Breedlove: Terrorism, Russian Aggression Concerns NATO
What Will the Iran Deal Mean for NATO Missile Defense? / ISN
Time for Britain to lead, in Europe and beyond - Telegraph
Swedish Party's U-turn Reignites NATO Membership Question
Here Are A Few Things the New Air Force Bomber Will Do Besides Drop Bombs - Defense One
Okinawa Governor to Revoke Permits for New US Base
Details on Bowe Bergdahl, Soldier Freed by Taliban, May Emerge at Hearing -
Vodafone's 'unforgivable' hacking of journalist's phone must be investigated, says union | World news | The Guardian
Microsoft renews information-sharing partnership with NATO | PCWorld
Montenegro’s NATO Opponents Slam US Ambassador :: Balkan Insight
When Whitey Bulger Was an F.B.I. Informant - The New Yorker
How U.S. Military Bases Abroad Undermine National Security and Harm Us All
В Литве планируются учения Сил высокой готовности НАТО - Новости -

Europe's migrants crisis - 9.14.15

E.U. Ministers Fail to Agree on Plan to Require Sharing of Migrants -
EU Ministers Discuss Migrant Crisis
Top US General: Refugee Crisis Likely to Galvanize Europe in Syrian Conflict
German Border Checks Add Urgency to EU Refugee Debate - The New York Times
Austria and Slovakia Follow Germany in Introducing Stricter Border Controls -
Refugee crisis: EU plans new internment camps – live updates | World news | The Guardian
EU To Meet Over Migrant Crisis
European Union to Hold Emergency Meeting on Refugee Quotas
Border-free Europe unravels in migrant crisis | Reuters
Germany Says It Will Take 1 Million Refugees as Europe Closes the Gates | TIME
The Latest: German Border Checks Jam Traffic in Austria - ABC News
Scores of children among the dead as 38 refugees drown near Greek island -
Refugees on the Move: Hurtling Towards Hungary - YouTube
AP PHOTOS: Europe Seeks a More Orderly Flow of Migrants - ABC News

Middle East - 9.14.15

U.S. and Iran Both Conflict and Converge - The New York Times
What Drone-Strike Data from Yemen and Pakistan Says about the ISIS Fight - Defense One
Hundreds of Inmates Escape as Taliban Insurgents Raid Afghan Jail -
Taliban Free 400 Inmates In Prison Break
Afghan Taliban Storm Ghazni Prison, Free Hundreds - WSJ
Terror Fears As Iran Frees Al Qaeda Members
Mexican tourists killed by Egyptian security forces - BBC News
Egypt security forces accidentally kill 12, including Mexican tourists | Reuters
In Egypt, terrorists used to target tourists. Now the army kills tourists it thinks are terrorists. - The Washington Post
Britain's Cameron visits Syrian refugees in Lebanon | Reuters
David Cameron visits refugee camp in Lebanon – video | Politics | The Guardian
US Envoy: ‘Remarkable Progress’ Made Against Islamic State
Syrian army repels Takfiris' attacks near Damascus
Syrian Media: 20 Killed in Car Bomb Explosion in Northeast - ABC News
Israel PM to hold ‘emergency meeting’ on Palestinian attacks - The Washington Post
UN condemns Al-Aqsa violence after 200 Israeli troops storm compound | Al Bawaba
Iran's President Rouhani Sends Message for Jewish New Year
Rohani Congratulates Jews On New Year
Will Iran reach truce with the Islamic State? - Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East
The Link Between the Islamic State and the Western Art Trade - Washington Free Beacon
Temple Mount opens to Jewish visitors for Rosh Hashana after police quell riot - The Jerusalem Post
Egyptian Military Fired on Tourists During Picnic, Witnesses Say - The New York Times
DIA Chief: Islamic State May Permanently Destroy Iraq, Syria

Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia - 9.14.15

Russia: Bad Versus Badder
Russia's "Nudge" Propaganda
Why Putinism Will Survive Putin - POLITICO Magazine
Why do Putin and his Kremlin cronies look so nervous? - Japan Today
EU Extends Sanctions On Russia By Six Months
Leaders Of CSTO Gather In Dushanbe
UN Rights Chief Voices Concern Over Efforts To Silence Critics In Russia
Russia Holding Biggest Annual Military Drills
US Coalition Against ISIS May Have ‘Other Purposes’: Russia
Deutsche Bank Chairman Bongartz Exits Russia Amid Bribery Probe | News | The Moscow Times
Russia gambles on casino to revive fortunes of far east
Russian Local Elections Draw Charges of Fraud -
Putin′s party dominates Russia′s local, regional elections | News | DW.COM | 14.09.2015
Take Note, Putin: Kazakhstan Celebrates 550 Years of Statehood | The Diplomat
Elton John should talk to Putin about gay rights. But will Russia listen? | Mary Dejevsky | Comment is free | The Guardian
Dmitry Medvedev, Russia's Instagrammer-in-Chief, Turns 50 | News | The Moscow Times
ЕС продлил санкции против российских граждан и компаний - BBC Русская служба
Владимир Путин посетил Ингушетию по пути в Душанбе - ИА REGNUM
Ъ-Новости - Начались самые масштабные учения года «Центр-2015»
Ъ-Новости - Дмитрий Медведев проведет юбилей на работе
В России стартовало масштабное командно-штабное учение "Центр-2015" - Росбалт.ру
Путин передвигает фронты в Сирии и на Украине
Новости :: Путин задумал открыть в Сирии "второй фронт", решила западная пресса
Свой среди своих
Решение назрело: как уйдет Путин | ИноСМИ - Все, что достойно перевода
Путин отстранился, и на Восточной Украине внезапно воцарился мир
Путин торопит "сирийскую операцию"

Ukraine - 9.14.15

Guarded Optimism as Cease-Fire Holds in East Ukraine -
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko: We're inching towards peace with Russia - Europe - World - The Independent
Poroshenko says Ukraine launches large-scale demobilization
Washington Post: Ukraine's Poroshenko on Russia, corruption and the challenges ahead
Washington Post: As war wanes, Ukraine faced with new battle against corruption
Kenneth Rapoza: Ukraine takes on 'mission impossible' in push westward
Версии.com Фабрика аналитики :: Порошенко: серьезную угрозу для Украины представляют олигархи
Порошенко назвал перемирие в Донбассе сменой российской тактики :: Политика :: РБК
Порошенко снова попросил США поставить оружие на Украину
Порошенко: Мы Украине принесли пока не мир, но уже перемирие - ИА REGNUM
Порошенко вновь просит США поставить вооружение на Украину | РИА Новости
Демобилизация в Украина: Порошенко рассказал о масштабной демобилизации в Украине - Петр Порошенко - Вооруженные силы Украины - Украина - де
Порошенко заявил о причастности «пророссийских сил» к беспорядкам у Рады - Газета.Ru | Новости
Сепаратистские выборы на Донбассе приведут к новым санкциям :: - новости Донбасса
В Одессе несколько сотен националистов устроили акцию в поддержку предполагаемых убийц Олеся Бузины - Первый канал
По стандартам НАТО. Инструкторы из Канады совершенствуют знания украинских саперов по обезвреживанию мин | Новое Время
В Минобороны рассказали о переменах в армии Украины по стандартам НАТО | Обозреватель
Порошенко и Путин по-разному видят выход из донбасского тупика / СНГ / Независимая газета

Russia and NATO - 9.14.15

Литва обратилась к генералам НАТО с просьбой - RUS DELFI
Министр обороны Грузии просит у НАТО «оккупации» - ИА REGNUM
Опрос: число шведов, настроенных на вступление страны в НАТО, растет | РИА Новости
Генсек НАТО: Россия для нас не друг и не враг - Газета.Ru | Новости
Главком сил НАТО в Европе назвал Россию одной из главных проблем альянса | Обозреватель
В НАТО прокомментировали реваншизм Путина в Украине и активизацию россиян в Сирии | Новое Время
НАТО Россия - Главком войсками НАТО снова обвинил Россию в оккупации Крыма и части территории Донбасса - Страница новости -
Реваншизм РФ привлек внимание всех 28 стран-членов НАТО - Бридлав
Генерал Бридлав: Агрессия России - одна из главных тем, что беспокоит НАТО | УКРИНФОРМ
Идет солдат по улице, и весь - в стандартах НАТО | Мобильная версия - KP.UA

Other News - 9.14.15

Australia gets new PM as Abbott loses out to rival Turnbull | Reuters
China’s Economic Challenges Persist
Bangkok Bombing Suspect Fled to Turkey, Thai Police Say - WSJ
Communist Vietnam Embraces Capitalist Lecture Circuit

History professor shot - 9.14.15

Professor killed at Mississippi university, fellow instructor sought | Reuters
History professor shot and killed at Mississippi university campus | Fox News
Delta State University shooting: 1 dead, shooter on the loose - CBS News
delta force - Google Search
Stocks down with markets on Fed watch; oil falls | Reuters

Karzai on al-Qaida - 9.10.15

Karzai Calls Al-Qaeda a 'Myth' | Al Jazeera America
Karzai calls al-Qaida a 'myth' and denies 9/11 attacks were plotted in Afghanistan | US news | The Guardian
Karzai: Al Qaeda is a Myth instead of a Reality - Khaama Press (KP) | Afghan News Agency
karzai - Google Search