Tuesday, December 17, 2013

News Updates: 2:11 PM 12/17/2013


Recent World News - 12.17.13

Judge Questions Legality of N.S.A. Phone Records - NYTimes.com
NSA Phone Spying 'Almost Certainly' Unconstitutional, Judge Says - WSJ.com
Surveillance - Cozy or Chilling? - NYTimes.com
Navy Secretary Expands Review of Supply Contracts - NYTimes.com
Deployment of Missiles Is Confirmed by Russia - NYTimes.com
U.S. Raises Concerns Over Russia's Baltic Missiles - WSJ.com
New Pipeline To Loosen Russia's Grip On Energy
U.S.-Germany Intelligence Partnership Falters Over Spying - NYTimes.com
Growth Spurt Creates Alarm Over the House of (Many) Lords - NYTimes.com
F.D.A. Questions Safety of Antibacterial Soaps - NYTimes.com
Glaxo Says It Will Stop Paying Doctors to Promote Drugs - NYTimes.com
A Look at Emperor Augustus and Roman Classical Style - NYTimes.com
Whole Roasted Fish With Mushrooms - Video - NYTimes.com
The Irony of Despair - NYTimes.com
Understanding Suicide - Mental Illness, Not Irony - NYTimes.com
EU Suspends Work With Kyiv
Baku Residents Protest Over Fuel, Food Costs
Turkmenistan Holds Elections Without Opposition
U.S. Convicts Viktor Bout Associate
Chechen Deputy Minister Threatens Executions For Militant Suspects
SEC Asks Ex-Goldman Trader to Pay More Than $1 Million - WSJ.com
Moody's Downgrades Venezuela, Warns of Economic Collapse
Putin, Yanukovych Meet in Moscow

Recent Events

A Disappearing Spy, and a Scandal at the C.I.A. - NYTimes.com
High prospects for Uruguay's legal marijuana business | Reuters
philip chism - Google Search
president obama and U.S. military - Google Search
the early life of barack obama - Google Search
Chuck Hagel - Google Search
Obama Changes Direction Of US Military Command, Fires 9th General In His Purge - Downtrend.com
President Obama Transforms Military In His Image By Firing 197 Officers - Investors.com
Top generals: Obama is ‘purging the military’

Recent Russia News

The Kremlin, the Press and the Protesters - A Case Study of Rule by Paranoia - NYTimes.com
putinism - Google Search
Prince Bandar bin Sultan, Saudi Arabia’s Gatsby Master Spy

PR News - December 2013

Gov. Dismisses, Mocks U.S. Senate Leaders’ Rejection of a New “Commonwealth” Status | Puerto Rico Report
US Senate Leaders Caution Regarding New “Commonwealth” and Status Assembly Plan | Puerto Rico Report
US senators: Enhanced ELA not viable, hobbles efforts to solve status issue - Caribbean Business
DEA diligencia arrestos por narcotráfico en oeste de Puerto Rico
He gives his version of events - The New Day
Luis Sánchez Betances - El Nuevo Día
Legislative resolutions lie Tuller to send the report of Sanchez Betances and "his best friend" | Journal of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico’s sinking economy needs help - The Washington Post
Puerto Rico’s problems stem from its territorial status - The Washington Post
Washington Examiner: Puerto Rico’s “Unnatural Status’ Hurts US Economy — American Principles Project
US Hegemony and Puerto Rico’s Economic Crisis | Global Research
Thinking Big - Caribbean Business
Government of Puerto Rico must tell the truth! - Caribbean Business
Snowden asks for political asylum in Brazil - The New Day
Dominican Republic Prosecutors Conclude Papal Nuncio Abused Boys | HispanicallySpeakingNews.com
Uruguay Becomes First Country To Legalize Marijuana | HispanicallySpeakingNews.com

Crime in Puerto Rico - Searches & Articles

crime in puerto rico - Google Search
puerto rico crime statistics - Google Search
puerto rico crime statistics
Serious crime rate down in PR in 2013 - Caribbean Business
REPORT: Violent Crime Rate Drops in Puerto Rico | HispanicallySpeakingNews.com
crime in puerto rico stats - Google Search
puerto rico - DHS.gov Search Results
Murder Rate and Fear Rise in Puerto Rico - NYTimes.com
Sentencing Law and Policy: Why are murder rates so high in Puerto Rico and might criminal law be to blame?
'Don't Give Up On Us': Puerto Ricans Wrestle With High Crime : NPR
Puerto Rico tackling fearful murder rate - 12/11/2012 | MiamiHerald.com
U.S. Targets High-Level Criminals In Puerto Rico Based On Lengthy Investigation | Fox News Latino
Puerto Rico: Murder rate, drug trafficking and statehood - Honolulu Crime | Examiner.com
Puerto Rico Crime
puerto rico crime prevention strategies - Google Search
puerto rico crime prevention - Google Search
community policing and corrections mental health services integration - Google Search
community policing and corrections mental health services integration puerto rico - Google Search