Saturday, March 22, 2014

World News Review » Sanctions on Russia Take First Bite

» GlobalNews: 22 Mar 14 PM Rising tension in Crimea
22/03/14 10:04 from Global News 
Confrontation at Crimean air force base/ China spots debris in southern Indian Ocean/ Africa Union troops take Somalia town.

» Sanctions on Russia Take First Bite
22/03/14 14:11 from World News
Putin formally made Crimea part of Russia, even as the Kremlin sent contradictory signals on its willingness to hold off on retaliating against the West for its latest sanctions over the annexation.
» Missing Plane: New Clues As Cyclone Threatens
22/03/14 13:56 from Sky News | World News | First For Breaking News
A 42ft object floating in the sea is spotted by a satellite as an aircraft sights small objects including a wooden pallet.
» Afghanistan: CCTV shows Taliban gunmen at Serena hotel before attack - video
22/03/14 13:53 from World news: World news + Video |
CCTV from the Serena hotel in Kabul captures four Taliban gunmen at the hotel before their fatal attack which killed nine people
» The underwater search for flight MH370
22/03/14 13:48 from - World
Michael Smerconish talks to deep water search expert, Tim Keller, about how to search for flight MH370 underwater.
» U.S. forces hand seized oil tanker back to Libya
22/03/14 13:48 from - World
U.S. forces have handed possession of a tanker carrying an illegal oil shipment back to the Libyan government, the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli said Saturday.
» Journalist shot dead in Baghdad
22/03/14 13:48 from - World
Mohammed Bdaiwi, the Baghdad bureau chief of Radio Free Iraq, was shot and killed Saturday in Baghdad, police said.

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