As a crime prevention specialist, I’ve worked with citizens and police for 39 years. Today, I’m getting questions about my experiences with police.
I was teaching residents how to protect themselves and their neighbors from crime. After one meeting, an officer shoved me into a wall. He was angry and made it clear, I had “invaded” his territory. The next morning, I was in the police chief’s office and the problem was quickly resolved. That was the only unfortunate experience I had in thirty-nine years working with police.
The “war on police” is a dangerous trend and must stop! Men and women join local police departments to “protect and serve.” The vast majority of individuals are dismissed if they don’t have a positive mental attitude, like to work with citizens and have a good education.
Criminals don’t care about the community. They spread lies in an effort to turn the community against police. They often pay neighbor’s bills and bring gifts to build their network of protection as a shield from police. Their only interest is to continue selling drugs, pimping young women, robbing and stealing. Gangs don’t want police to disrupt their “business.” They control neighborhoods through fear and keep citizens locked into crime, drugs and violence so they can feel rich and powerful.
So… who is the biggest threat to community safety?
It is destructive and costly when politicians and city leaders blame police. If something isn’t working in our cities, it is up to city leaders to address issues immediately. To blame the police is scapegoating. The role of the police is to react to crime! The role of city leaders is to assume responsibility to help prevent community problems.
I suggest you look at what city leaders can do to keep cities safe. Community participation must to be top priority if we are going to keep America safe.
Every American must speak up and ask local politicians what they are doing to stop the war on police and how they plan to help bring the community together. And, don’t forget to tell an officer how much you appreciate their service!