Friday, August 19, 2016

M.N.: The state of the US - Russia relations and the planning for their future need urgent, comprehensive and in-depth reassessment.


M.N.: The state of the US - Russia relations and the planning for their future need urgent, comprehensive, in-depth, short and long terms reassessment on the part of the political, academic, intelligence - national security - defense, and other involved communities - this might be the formulation of one of the most important highlights of the Presidential Elections of 2016, where these relations started to occupy the significant part of the discussions.

Russia's recent, from 2012 (Putin-2), international behavior, whatever the reasons were, became more aggressive, intrusive, complex and complicated, sophisticated and pragmatic, and, in the assessment of military leaders, a threat. The most appropriate, well thought out strategies must be employed to deal with this situation. The in-depth, professional analysis must help to understand the problems. There is nothing wrong if the "unclassified" part of this reassessment is public, open and broad. 

If Russia were a normal, healthy, "regular" Western state, these problems, very likely, would not exist. The questions then are: why is it not, and how to help her with this, ongoing for centuries, transformation. The basis of these questions is that Russia, undoubtedly, is a part of the Western Civilization historically and culturally. 

Mr. Trump's and his assistants' Russian shenanigans appear to practically kill his campaign, although this was not what their Russian "friends" planned or desired. It also appears that Mrs. Clinton and her team are much more thoughtful, experienced and skillful in these matters (just like in others) than their Republican counterparts. Nevertheless, the solid bipartisan approach and support are needed to deal with these traditionally bipartisan issues. This work should start now, it is not too early, and the time, ideas and actions are of the essence. 

Michael Novakhov 

Published on 8.17.16   Updated on 8.19.16


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