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A Conversation With James Clapper - YouTube | Polls Find Clinton Leading Nationally and in Key States - 10.25.16

10.25.16 - Tu

A Conversation With James Clapper - YouTube

Google Review - Clapper Interview

Polls Find Clinton Leading Nationally and in Key States

Early voting suggests tight race in key states despite Clinton camp boast | Fox News
Poll: Republican Party Fractured As Hillary Clinton Maintains Solid Lead - NBC News
Clinton Leads by 7 Points in North Carolina Poll - The New York Times
The Clinton Campaign's Strategy to Win Big on Election Day - ABC News
WikiLeaks bombshells about Hillary Clinton fail to detonate - or even rattle campaign
Respect for police at all-time high in US, says new survey -
Manhunt continues for suspect in shootings of two Wellston police officers, killings of aunt and uncle - Tulsa World: Crimewatch
Militants Attack Pakistan Police Academy, Killing 48 - The New York Times
The Early Edition: October 25, 2016 | Just Security
On the ballot: two clashing visions of how America will power its cars, homes | Reuters
U.S. takes aim at cyber attacks from connected devices as recalls mount | Reuters
The Epidemic of Worry - The New York Times
Quetta attack: Pakistan reels as more than 50 die in assault on police academy | World news | The Guardian
The history of 'rigged' US elections: from Bush v Gore to Trump v Clinton | US news | The Guardian
Clinton Should Stop Whining About Russian Hackers - Bloomberg View
Articles: A Retired FBI Agent Addresses James Comey on the Hillary Clinton Investigation
Google Review - O'Reilly: The System Is Rigged In Hillary Clinton's Favor By Investigative Authorities

Trump - 10.25.16

How the Trump Campaign Exposed America’s Sleeping Authoritarianism
What Drives Donald Trump? Fear of Losing Status, Tapes Show - The New York Times
Trump All But Quits Presidential Race By Closing Down Part Of Fundraising Operation
Trump stops holding high-dollar...
Kellyanne Conway’s and Donald Trump’s relationship is becoming bizarre - The Washington Post
'It's Over for Obamacare,' Trump Says of Big Hike in Premiums - ABC News
Is Trump Right About Putin? - Room for Debate -
Donald Trump’s latest excuse for losing doesn’t quite add up - The Washington Post
Trump Keeps Criticizing the Media While Citing it to Attack Clinton - NBC News
How the GOP's first female presidential campaign manager manages Donald Trump -
The Republican Party Is Ready To Give Up And Pull The Plug On Trump's Dying Campaign
Election 2016: Florida spirals away from Donald Trump - POLITICO
GOP candidates give up on Trump and run against Clinton - POLITICO
Donald Trump Is an Incompetent Fascist - The Atlantic
Trump calls for investigation into Obama after latest WikiLeaks emails - Business Insider

Russia - 10.25.16

US Army keeping wary eye on Russia | TheHill
Cold war 2.0: how Russia and the west reheated a historic struggle | World news | The Guardian
Russian President Vladimir putin on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump -Full Interview - YouTube
World War 3: Vladimir Putin slams Hillary Clinton and issues warning to US | World | News | Daily Express
putin on cinton and trump - YouTube
Russia Falls Into Old Habits | Stratfor

Posts - 10.25.16

Behavior and Law: 2016 elections and mental health - News Review
News Reviews and Opinions: Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks and Tweets In Brief

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