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M.N.: The Moment Of Truth: the mutual distrust, apprehension, and loathing: Trump: 1, Merkel: 0. | Merkel asks for a handshake, Trump doesn't respond...

The Moment Of Truth

M.N.: The moment of truth: the mutual distrust, apprehension, and loathing; justified, meaningful, and pregnant with the indications of the future developments. We are in for the long overdue strategic reassessments and the interesting, and hopefully productive changes, possibly including the updated design and the structure of the Global Security. 

Trump: 1, Merkel: 0. 

She is not going to rule and dominate him, as she did with Barak, in her subtle and underhanded, but shrewd, sophisticated, and well thought out and planned out ways. She also will not be able to play the US and Russia against each other, to stay on the top, as she did before. 

Merkel's hostility is almost palpable. Germany is an "ally" just in name, in fact she is the determined, fierce, resentful and hateful competitor and adversary. 

See The US - Russia - Germany Triangle and George Friedman's (formerly of Stratfor) interview on the US - Germany relations and the hidden conflict. 

Trump knows much more about her and her actions than he says, and it shows clearly in the non-verbal language, which rightly became the focus of attention for the commentators. 

Investigate Merkel's and the German Intelligence covert actions to discredit Trump and America, using Russia as her "half-witting or unwitting patsy", as a part of the package of investigating Russia herself. 

It looks like some "bright and honest" mind (still overwhelmed with historical guilt and confusion) in the upper levels of the German Intelligence decided to reenact his old pain and drama and to reexamine the origins and the antecedents of the fascist type of the dictatorship, with some practical benefits of undermining and humiliating the old enemy in the process. As I wrote on this subject previously, this looks like the mediocre and clumsy attempt of a third rate amateur dramatist. America is not a "Little Germany", and Trump is not a "Little Hitler", and will never be. This play is a flop. 

The recent US - British spat regarding Trump's alleged wiretapping looks like it might be a part of the same, continuing German covert actions and design. 

However, what we see is just a tip of the iceberg. The whole mountain, its structure, and infrastructure, designs, processes, moda operandi, dramatis personae, various other actors, connections, emotional flows - everything, from A to Z, have to be examined methodically, systematically, and systemically. This is a lesson. The huge and painful lesson. 

We still live in the late stage of the post-WW2 world, with the same old props, concepts, arrangements, thinking, and designs. This is the time to rethink and to re-conceptualize them, uncovering and exposing the old, unresolved conflicts and wounds, and finally to heal them, and to close this tragic chapter, and to turn the page. 

This is the time to open our "eyes wide shut" and to face the uncomfortable truths, escaping the hostage situation of our conventional and wishful thinking. 

"The last defender of the liberal world order" is nothing but hypocritical and shrewd, if always square and buttoned-up Stasi alumna and operative. 

Now she feels that she got her ultimate revenge, prepared for her by her Intelligence Services: to turn the tables on America, negating the tragic past of her country, and draping herself in the toga of the great and indispensable human rights "defender" and issuing her "message", instructions and "conditions" for cooperation: only "if he adheres to the values of democracy and equality"

Wake up, lady! We know very well, who and what you are. 

Once a Stasi, always a Stasi. Just like the KGB, of which it was a branch. Nowadays, they are so intertwined, under the whatever names, that it is hard, practically impossible to see and to say, what is what. And the recent events only confirm this thesis, and quite vividly. But investigated they should be, separately and/or together, as a package. The empty liberal words do not fool anyone. The hostile covert actions against America will only expose the authors of these actions as the fools. 

I wonder if Ms. Merkel should and will be reelected. And if the friendly US help is needed with this overdue process of sanation, it should be provided also, underwritten by the Deutsche Bank, which is alway ready to oblige, apparently. 

Barak effectively emasculated the American Intelligence, wittingly, unwittingly, or both. These bodies, or rather the mind of our society and culture, its brain of the brain, without which the normal and healthy functioning is simply impossible, have to be fully restored and revitalized, renewed, rejuvenated, reeducated and properly directed. It seems to me, this is the most important task the new President is facing. His choices of the new leaders in this field is an encouraging sign. The controversies and the "war" have to be resolved and settled. The new age has to start, regardless of the ongoing process and the outcomes of the Congressional and other investigations, which will continue their unrelenting course. 

Trump Merkel - GS

Merkel asks for a handshake, Trump doesn't respond 

"...there were few signs Friday that he and Merkel had built much personal rapport."

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