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That what happened, Mr. Comey! | Updates: 8:45 PM 10/2/2013 | 2:29 AM 10/7/2013 | 9:21 AM 10/8/2013

9:21 AM 10/8/2013

Dear Mr. Comey: 
Please, get the latest update directly from your guys, namely on use of, apparently, jet propelled anti-roach spray (and some other products of biological nature) as a weapon. I trust them to give you the complete and truthful report. The underlying reason for these retaliatory actions might be bi-fold or manyfold, and I will let you to find out the details and to deal with these issues by yourself. 
Sincerely, Michael.

2:29 AM 10/7/2013

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Update: 10.2.13: 

8:45 PM 10/2/2013

About half an hour ago (and also at times earlier in the day today) I noticed a strange quality of air again. When I looked out of the window I noticed a group of three persons, a woman and two men, as pictured on these photographs below. Two men were apparently hiding behind a tree and were pointing some devices, probably with assistance of flash lights right into my window. After I noticed them these two men got out of their hiding place and the group stood together for some time, as pictured, probably in some state of confusion, as if they felt been caught. After I photographed them and after hearing some clapping from a separate group of people on the beach (probably signalling a support for my actions) the group of three rode away on their bicycles. 

Mr. Comey, could you please kindly investigate this episode? I wonder what kind of devices these people employed (if any, to safeguard against any possible excessive and unfounded paranoia, which I doubt) and I am really curious about how they (both these devices and their operators) work. I would appreciate if you share this information with me (eventually). 
Thank you very much, M.N. 

P.S. By the way, I do feel some scratchy sensations in my throat but I do not think that it is something serious. Some time ago, when the laser light was beamed into my eyes I did feel pain in them for several weeks. By the way it happened soon after I published this post in which certain problems with vision and hearing were mentioned:  "The blind leaders of the blind, the deaf leaders of the deaf!" 
I understand that you are not a physician (ophthalmologist or ENT), but since FBI people are (or should be) very curious by nature (or by their professional requirements), I thought it would be good for you to know about this. I am sure that your investigation will be prompt and efficient. 
Thank you again, Michael 

P.P.S. I also have to mention that this type of quasi correspondence with you, Sir (despite being very interesting and pleasant in all respects), does take a lot of my time which I would prefer to devote to some other projects of mine. Therefore, methinks, the final, besides the prompt and efficient resolution of these issues would desirable for both of us since I suspect that you value your time also, Sir; and no less than I. 


Update on 10.2.13 at 10 AM: 

During the very brief and superficial examination of this device and its owner, the claim was made by him (the owner) that it is "just an antenna" (very strange and unusual looking, I must say). However, being very busy with many really important things, I must delegate the further investigation of this occurrence (and it: the input of some toxic substances through my window definitely took place and was confirmed by some subsequent observations) to our most beloved and skillful Good Big Brother, relying (hopefully) on his infinite knowledge and wisdom, even if he is one of the pranksters; I will watch him very carefully, have no doubts about it. By the way, after the little hullabaloo scandal I created, the input of substances in their smelly form did cease promptly and immediately, however the other, smell-less forms cannot be ruled out by any means. 
I also do announce that I intend to start my regular column of questions and requests for answers in my blog "Puerto Rico Newslinks" titled: "My Dear Governor" and the answers will be expected, with the focus not on my personal issues of course, which are not that important, but on the real, big and important issues for this country and for this island. So, get ready, Governor. 

Further Updates on this subject (various hypothetical toxic substances) will follow, if the need be. 

I also want to congratulate our most beloved, gracious and wise Good Big Brother FBI on having a new chief with the most unusual and interesting last name of "Mr. Comey"; I think it is a new, good, objective, fearless, progressive and truly American trend: to divorce words and sounds from their true meanings and essences. Although, I do have somewhat of a difficult time imagining how people communicate and report to him, e.g.: "Yes, Mr. Comey; you are absolutely correct, Mr. Comey; we will do exactly as you wish, Mr. Comey!", etc., etc. 
As for me, I do not have any problems saying it: Hello, Mr. Comey. Nice to meet you, Mr. Comey! 
And I do mean it sincerely, continuous and watchful but hopeful further observation of Dear Good Big Brother notwithstanding. Goodbye for now and I hope that no new updates will be needed. But if they are needed, I will not have any problems with that either.


Mike Nova: After I wrote an update to my page about the FBI: 

I was sneezing continuously today the whole morning. I could not understand what is going on; apparently some toxic substance was getting in through my window. 

Finally I looked out the window and saw that some device, apparently a sprayer operated on remote control, was installed in the window next to mine. You can see it on these photos very clearly. Most likely it was some type of the pepper spray, but who knows what else was there. 

Thank you very much, my dear FBI friends. This is a lovely revenge from you. And when are you going to learn how to relate to me?! 

I called the police about 7 or 8 times to make a police report but they did not show up, 
although a lot of police cars were passing by. 

Thank you very much, my dear friends from PRPD. 

And thank you, my dear friend, the Octopus man for your lovely sprayer too. 

Ain't life exciting and enjoyable in our beautiful Puerto Rico?! 

And if they do it to me simply because I criticise them in my blog, what would they do to other people? 


Michael Novakhov (Mike Nova) 

This post was emailed to the White House at: 11:03 AM 10/1/2013 

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