Friday, July 8, 2016

M.N.: And now call it "calculated" and "coordinated": "Russian ‘traitor’ who exposed Anna Chapman's spy ring dead in US" – reports — RT News

Poteyev, pictured in Kabul, was charged over the exposure of 10 sleeper agents in the United States
Poteyev, pictured in Kabul, was charged over the exposure of 10 sleeper agents in the United States

The man in civilian clothes, standing third from right looks very much like GRU Gen. Yuriy Gusev (former chief of staff of the Turkestan military district, one of the influential leaders of the GRU in the late 1980-s, and probably one of the chief architects of Afghan war and operational-spiritual father of the Far West LLC) - see The origins of the "Far West" groupThe man, sitting, first from the left, looks like Kosyakov, a chief of Far West in the early 1990-s. The man on the far left, the first, looks like Filin, the man in a center, to the right of Poteyev, looks like Surikov; and the man sitting in the center, with the dog, looks like Ruslan Saidov. 

M.N.: And now call it "calculated" and "coordinated": 

"The ex-FSB head suggested waiting until an official confirmation of the reasons for Poteyev’s death by the US side.
“I think an autopsy should certainly be performed and official cause of death announced,” he said." 
M.N.: How did RT learn about Poteyev's death in the absence of "official confirmation"? 
"Should Poteyev’s death be confirmed, it will undoubtedly draw suspicion as to whether or not he was assassinated by Russian intelligence. His death would not be the first time Russia has assassinated defectors. The poisoning of former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko with highly radioactive polonium-210 in 2006 made international headlines, with many blaming the Kremlin for his death.
More recently, the suspicious death of Mikhail Lesin, a former Russian cabinet minister, has led to many blaming Russian intelligence. Lesin was found dead in his Dupont Circle Hotel room on November 5 of last year, with the Washington D.C. medical examiner citing blunt force trauma to the head as the cause of death. Officials have yet to determine whether or not the death was criminal in nature."

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