Saturday, May 25, 2024

Saved Web Pages - Daily Report at 9 p.m. [Inoreader digest]

Saved Web Pages - Daily Report at 9 p.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  May 25 2024

The most notable news articles in full text version.
Current Page:
IDF to look at the past: How the October 7 probe will be handled
The IDF announced on Thursday that its internal October 7 report will grapple with decisions made in... 8h
The time has come for an investigation into the October 7 failures - opinion
The time has come for a thorough investigation into the Hamas massacre of October 7. Enough with the... 9h
The Roots of Russian Military Dysfunction - Foreign Policy Research Institute
An unwillingness to decentralize decision making authority and a failure to communicate accurate information... 12h
Olaf Scholz on why Vladimir Putin's brutal imperialism will fail
By Invitation | European securityIllustration: Dan WilliamsEARLIER THIS month, outside the small Lithuanian... 12h
Russian jamming leaves some high-tech U.S. weapons ineffective in Ukraine
KYIV — Many U.S.-made satellite-guided munitions in Ukraine have failed to withstand Russian jamming... 12h
Putin Admits Prigozhin Was Right With Wild New Purge
More than two years after the start of the full-scale war against Ukraine and an endless string of reports... 13h
The walls are closing in on Bibi
The last two weeks have not been good for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Defense Minister... 13h
Judge rules Menendez's prosecutors can't show 'critical' evidence
Stein found the Constitution's "speech or debate" clause does not allow prosecutors to show jurors... 13h

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